Make the most of your Spotify playlist and use a Bluetooth audio receiver to stream your favourite music to your audio system. Doesn't that sound much better than your smartphone's speaker?

We have an extensive range of Bluetooth audio receivers to stream music from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to an audio system.

How does a Bluetooth audio receiver work?

It is very easy to connect a Bluetooth audio receiver to your audio system. A Bluetooth receiver consists of a small box, a USB power cable, 1 mini-jack (3.5mm) adapter cable and 1 or 2 audio cables.

You use these to connect the Bluetooth receiver to your audio system via the aux input or Toslink and to provide it with power. Then, you pair the Bluetooth receiver with your (Bluetooth-supporting) smartphone. That's it! 

Stream music to your car radio.

With its compact size and built-in battery, this mini Bluetooth receiver is ideal for when you want to stream music from your smartphone to the speakers of your car radio.

Easily connect the BoomBoom 75 to your car radio using the headphone input (AUX in). Then, connect the Bluetooth receiver to your smartphone and you can start streaming.

BoomBoom 75

Quick NFC pairing.

smartphone/tablet to an audio system. You plug the Bluetooth audio adapter into your audio system.

Just pair and connect, and from now on you will be listening to your favourite Spotify music in a much better sound quality than from your phone!

Listen to music with your friends and easily switch between different music sources using the end call key.

The BoomBoom 80 features NFC. This means it instantly makes a connection if you move your smartphone or tablet past it, provided your smartphone or tablet also supports it.

Once the connection is made, any music you play on your smartphone/tablet will be heard through your audio system. Does your smartphone not have NFC? Not to worry. You can still use the BoomBoom 80.

BoomBoom 80

Pair 2 smartphones simultaneously.

Sharing your favourite music with friends has never been easier! Two devices can be connected simultaneously to this compact Bluetooth audio receiver; Multipair Party Mode.

This has the advantage that you do not have to disconnect and reconnect if you want to stream your music alternately. It allows you to easily switch between your phone and tablet, or alternate your tracks with a friend who shares your connection.

The BoomBoom 93 features a digital audio output and supports aptX. If your smartphone or tablet is also equipped with aptX, it enables you to wirelessly stream CD-quality music.

The BoomBoom 93 features NFC. NFC lets your smartphone/tablet create a Bluetooth connection automatically, and will set up a link as soon as it is held near to the Marmitek BoomBoom 93.

BoomBoom 93

2 in 1

The BoomBoom 100 is a smart device that is both a Bluetooth audio receiver and transmitter in one. Ideal for use in combination with your smartphone or Bluetooth headphones.

One time you listen to music from your smartphone over the speakers of an audio system, while the next time you listen to the audio from your TV on your Bluetooth headphones.

This Bluetooth audio receiver supports aptX, aptX Low Latency and AAC for an optimal sound experience and ensures that there is no delay between image and sound.

The BoomBoom 100 can be connected to 2 pairs of headphones at the same time.

BoomBoom 100

Streaming to passive speakers.

Give your (passive) speakers a second 'streaming life’ with the Marmitek BoomBoom 460. This Bluetooth audio receiver and digital amplifier in one enables you to do some very cool things!

Connect a pair of good (passive) speakers to this BoomBoom 460 and pair it with your smartphone.

Use this compact Bluetooth receiver with any speaker in any situation: mounted in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or study, but also for outdoor speakers. This enables you to create your own streaming system in or around the home.

The BoomBoom 460 also features the latest aptX technology for a superior music experience and has an additional AUX input for use with a PC or mp3 player without Bluetooth.

Perfect quality at a low price.

BoomBoom 460

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless connection to ‘stream’ audio between an audio source (transmitter) and an audio playback device (receiver), located at a short distance from each other (<10m).

To enable this wireless Bluetooth connection, both the transmitter and receiver must be Bluetooth-enabled and linked to each other (this is also referred to as pairing).

Bluetooth is the technology that enables you to link these devices without using a cable.

Examples of sources and audio playback devices:


  • Smartphone/ tablet (iOS, Android);
  • PC/ laptop;
  • Equipment, e.g. TV/audio system, to which you add a Bluetooth function by means of a Bluetooth transmitter.

Audio playback device

  • Bluetooth speaker/ headphones;
  • AV amplifier with Bluetooth function;
  • Equipment, e.g. an audio system, to which you add a Bluetooth function by means of a Bluetooth receiver.


To stream audio over this Bluetooth link, various codecs may be used:


  • Each audio Bluetooth product features at least the SBC protocol;
  • Fair audio playback;
  • Lossy compression technology, resulting in partial loss of the original quality during transmission;
  • Bass and treble may especially sound distorted.


  • CD-quality audio;
  • Lossless compression technology, no loss of quality during transmission;
  • Much better audio quality.

AptX Low Latency

  • CD-quality audio + no latency;
  • Lossless compression technology, no loss of quality during transmission;
  • No lip-sync problems, for use with combination of picture and sound (watching TV and gaming);
  • Audio quality comparable to aptX.


In addition to SBC and aptX, AAC is another audio codec that is used to transmit audio via Bluetooth. AAC is supported by iOS (Apple, iTunes) devices and is designed to achieve better sound quality than mp3.

In addition to basic models, we also have Bluetooth audio transmitters and headphones that support both AAC (Apple devices and iTunes) and aptX/aptX Low Latency. So, whether you want to stream Bluetooth on an iPad, iPhone or Android phone, our products will work with any device that supports Bluetooth.