Stay in control of your home, even when you're on holiday! Our Smart me products enable you to create a pleasant, safe and, above all, smart living environment in no time at all.

Switch lights and equipment on and off whenever you want and keep a close eye on your home using the Smart me app on your smartphone/tablet and our cameras and sensors.

Get started with different Smart me products and make your entire home smart. All products are plug & play; all you need to get started is the Smart me app, a stable Wi-Fi network and our products.



Getting started with Smart me.

Making your home smart is now really very simple. Once you have purchased a Marmitek Smart me product, you can get started right away! Download the Smart me app and select the product you purchased. Then, you can indicate when a lamp should be switched on or off and select the desired colour setting and brightness. Once installed, you can operate your lamp using our Smart me app, the existing light switch or your voice. You may add as many lamps as you like!

Movement? Lights on!

Smart me products can also be set to react to each other. If a Smart me sensor, camera or doorbell detects movement, you can have a Smart me Wi-Fi LED lamp switch on automatically. How nice would it be if the lights automatically turned on as soon as you drive up your driveway? Set different conditions, whether they are temperature, time, location or equipment dependent; any scenario is possible!

Our Smart me collection