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Wireless presentationsystem in lecture halls


‘A cable-free HDMI cable that transmits images in at least Full HD without fuss.’


Every lecture hall has a large screen that is used by (guest) lecturers to teach large groups of students. In a lecture hall there are several (guest) lecturers presenting every day who use different types of laptops. Therefore, we were looking for a one-fits-all solution to get images from a laptop to a screen: easy to use and preferably really plug and play.

Current solution

An HDMI cable should be sufficient for this, but you still use cables and for MacBooks you even need all kinds of dongles. We were looking for a cable-free variant and found it by hooking up an Apple TV.

Unfortunately, this does not work on Windows laptops and Chromebooks. A Chromecast was also tried, but that lacks the functionality of the extended desktop. And the quality of the image was not sufficient either.

So we sometimes had to resort to a spare/loan Macbook. That is not ideal, because it caused hassle when teachers logged on to a strange laptop. This really had to be improved, because at Academica we stand for professionalism.

Why was Marmitek's wireless solution chosen?

We did some research via Google and soon found Marmitek.  With the Stream S1 Pro, Marmitek offers the ideal solution with plug-and-play. Thanks to the supplied USB-C adapter, an extra power supply (with a corresponding dongle and/or cables) is often no longer necessary.

How did the installation of this wireless HDMI solution go?

It was fine. The very compact manual is more than sufficient. The wireless HDMI cable comes with various accessories such as an HDMI extension cable, 2x Micro-USB cables in different lengths, USB-C to HDMI adapter and a HDMI adapter. This made it easy to connect. Connections on monitors, projectors and laptops are almost never the same. So depending on the chosen equipment, you may have to search for the best solution and which accessories you need.

How does this work in practice?

The Stream S1 Pro consists of a HDMI transmitter and a HDMI receiver. We bought 4 sets and connected the HDMI receivers to all the screens ourselves. You only have to do this once. The HDMI transmitter of a set is located at the front of the lecture room. A lecturer or guest speaker plugs the HDMI transmitter into his/her laptop and can almost immediately start sharing presentations, videos or other content wirelessly.

Meerdere beeldschermen aangesloten

What are the reactions of the lecturers who have used the Stream S1 Pro?

That is the great thing: there are none. The switch went smoothly and it just works. Exactly as we want it to.

Do you also want to make a wireless presentation possible in a lecture hall, a classroom or an auditorium? Then the Stream S1 Pro or Stream S2 Pro are definitely a good solution for you.