A Wi-Fi doorbell camera with motion detector & intercom enables you to real time see and speak to visitors standing at your front door. Whether you're at work, next door or on holiday, it’s accessible everywhere! All you need is the Smart me app and your smartphone.

Tell a courier which neighbours he can deliver a package to or decide from the couch whether you want to get up to open the door. Feel safe when the doorbell rings in the evening.

Even when your children are home alone for a moment and the doorbell rings, you keep control. Unwelcome guests are kept outside. Nice!

Connect to your existing doorbell

The doorbell camera and motion detector can be connected to the wiring of your existing doorbell, so you don't have to pull cables or buy an extra transformer.

 Install in just 5 steps:

  1. Start the Smart me app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Carefully remove your current doorbell at the front door.
  3. Connect the doorbell to the existing wiring (optionally with the supplied wall bracket).
  4. Register the doorbell in the Smart me app.
  5. Mount the connection kit onto your existing doorbell inside to make it work properly.

When the doorbell is pressed, you will receive a message on your smartphone and the doorbell will ring inside, just like you are used to.

Decide in the app during which time frame you want the doorbell to ring or when you only want to receive a notification on your smartphone. This prevents children waking up in the evening or your dog starting to bark.

Set motion detector sensitivity

The doorbell camera with motion detection does not only work when someone presses the doorbell. When motion is detected near your home, you will receive a notification in the app. In the Smart me app, set the sensitivity for when you want to receive a notification.

Benefit from perfect image quality

The doorbell camera with motion detection has a 1080p camera, producing very sharp images day & night. Don't worry, this doorbell camera can withstand a heavy downpour. Use it even if you don't have an overhang at your front door. The field of view of the camera is 145 degrees, so nobody gets to your front door unnoticed

Storing images

In the Smart me app, you can take screenshots & record videos and store them, for example, on your smartphone or tablet. Start recording automatically when someone rings the doorbell or movement is detected at the front door.

The videos are stored on an SD card (max 128 GB, not included). You can use the recording function without any additional monthly subscription fees.

Would you like to subscribe to a cloud service? This can be done for € 3,75 per month.

The Smart me app has been extensively tested. Your data are safe. Use the corner bracket to position the doorbell with as little view of the public road as possible. 

The doorbell camera then only records people who come really close to your house. This saves storage space and takes better account of the privacy of users of the public space.

Consider the privacy of third parties

The smart doorbell camera is, of course, placed at your front door. This way, it not only shows the person ringing the doorbell, but also other users of the public road.

Is it allowed to place a doorbell camera and store images? Yes, as long as you place the doorbell where it least threatens the privacy of others. Inform your visitors, store images as short as possible and never share captured images with others.

Installing multiple doorbells in one location

It is possible to install multiple doorbells with motion detector in one location. Useful if you have multiple entrances to your home. Or if you have a home practice/office.

Hear the doorbell everywhere in the house, even in the garden!

This video doorbell can also be connected to a wireless doorbell (chime). This wireless doorbell (chime) is battery powered and can therefore be placed anywhere in the house. This means you can also hear the doorbell from the garden or loft.

Decide for yourself whether you will also continue to use your existing doorbell that is placed inside. You can connect an unlimited number of wireless doorbells to the doorbell camera. 

Hear your doorbell ringing anytime, anywhere

  • Receive a push notification on your phone.
  • Use the doorbell camera in combination with your existing inside doorbell.
  • Place a wireless doorbell in the garden, loft or practice room.

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Connect with smart Wi-Fi LED lamps

In the Smart me app, connect smart Wi-Fi LED lamps to our doorbell to quickly create an extra safe environment. For example, if someone approaches the front door or presses the doorbell, the lamp at the front door or in the hallway (or both) will be activated.

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Discover our wide range of smart home devices

The doorbell camera with motion sensor is part of our Smart me range. This extensive range of smart home devices, such as smart security cameras, smart plugs and smart led bulbs, communicates with each other via Wi-Fi. You operate and connect these products in the Smart me app.

Most products are plug & play and you don't need a hub or software to make your home smart. This enables you to quickly create a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Every family member with a smartphone and access to the Smart me app can operate the Smart me range.

Attractive pricing

The doorbell camera is available starting at € 99.99. This provides you with a very complete doorbell camera, motion detector and intercom.

Would you also like to hear the doorbell in the garden? Only €19.99 gives you an additional wireless doorbell.

The doorbell camera is easy to install, safe and reliable. The Smart me app can pair this doorbell with various intelligent Smart me products in your home.

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