Operate your equipment remotely using your smartphone/tablet. Or switch equipment on/off automatically. Keep control of your home and do not leave appliances switched on unnecessarily.

Go for the convenience of a smart plug. Make electrical appliances without smart functions smart after all.

How do I start using a Smart me smart plug?

It is very easy. Please follow these steps:

  • Download the Smart me app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Register the Power SE, Power SI or Power LI in the Smart me app.

That's all!

Setting timers

Make optimal use of the possibilities of a smart plug or smart strip. The Smart me app allows you to set timers or other conditions. This is possible for every smart plug you have registered.

In winter, have the electric fireplace switch on at sunset. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or hot toast the moment you get up in the morning. Anything is possible!

Energy savings

The use of smart plugs enables you to make considerable savings on your energy bill. Don't always leave your TV on standby, but really turn it off. Charge a smartphone or tablet at night and make sure that the smart plug automatically switches off at 2AM. Did you know that you can save more than €80 a year by completely turning off devices?

The Power SE, Power SI and Power LI can also be controlled remotely through the Smart me app. You can switch off the power supply anytime, anywhere via this app if you ever forget. Even when you are not at home. This way, you'll never use more energy than necessary.

A smart plug or smart power strip is guaranteed to pay for itself!

Energy meter

The Power SI and the Power LI even have a built-in energy meter. This allows you to measure and monitor energy consumption. Is your old freezer really in need of replacement? Or are you just curious about how much your home cinema consumes during a movie night? The Smart me app has all the information.

Use the power consumption in a scenario; automatically dim lights as soon as you turn on the Blu-ray player or receive a notification when your son turns on the PlayStation (again).

Switch equipment on or off, all at once.

If you use different smart plugs, you can group them. This enables you to switch all your equipment on/off at the touch of a button in the Smart me app.

You may also install timers or other conditions for a group. Thus, all electrical appliances will switch on/off automatically at a fixed time.

Create a scenario with all the smart plugs and smart Wi-Fi LED lamps you have in use. This way, you can switch all your equipment and lighting on/off at the push of a button. How convenient is that?

Turn an existing floor lamp into a smart lamp.

Do you have a beautiful floor lamp or table lamp with a designer bulb and would you like to upgrade it? Connecting a smart plug or smart power strip to your wall socket enables you to turn even a designer lamp into a smart lamp.

For example, plug a Power SE into your wall socket. Then, insert the plug of the floor or table lamp into the Power SE. Install the app, register the product in the Smart me app and you have a smart lamp.

USB ports

The Power SI and Power LI have USB ports as well as socket outlets. This enables you to make optimal use of a socket outlet. With a Power LI power strip, you can switch up to 8 electrical devices on/off at the same time. Would you prefer a more compact solution? The Power SI is a compact power strip with 2 USB ports.

Voice Control

Activate Smart me products and scenarios with your voice. All our smart plugs work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri. Use one of these voice assistants to operate our Smart me products. You no longer need a smartphone. Just put your Amazon Echo, Google Nest or Apple Watch to work!

Manually operated

No matter how easy it is to operate with a smartphone or tablet, sometimes you just want to operate equipment manually. Our smart plugs all have an on/off button which enables manual switching.

Surge protection

The Power LI smart power strip is equipped with surge protection. This means that your equipment is protected against power surges. A power surge, for example, a lightning strike, can destroy (often expensive) electronic equipment such as your computer, espresso machine, network hard drive or 4K TV. Use the Power LI and you can rest assured that your equipment is safe when lightning strikes.

Power outage

Do you want your freezer to turn back on automatically after a power outage? Or that you have wifi everywhere in the house again? This is not always the case if you use a smart power strip. With the Power LI it is!

The Power LI restarts to the last status in case of a power outage. Make sure that your freezer content does not defrost and that you can immediately use the internet again anywhere in the house.

Use in combination with a smart doorbell or security camera.

Did you know that a smart plug or smart power strip can also be switched on when a Smart me smart camera (View ME, MO), smart doorbell (Buzz LO) or smart sensor (Sense SE, SI) detects movement?

You can create a scenario for this in the Smart me app. In the Smart me app you may, for example, set the Sense SE to turn on a fan or LED strip connected to a smart plug whenever motion is detected.

Discover our extensive range of smart home products.

The smart plugs and smart power strip with surge protection are part of our Smart me range. This extensive range of smart home products communicates with each other via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz). You operate and connect these products in the Smart me app.

The Smart me products are plug & play and you don't need a hub or software to make your home smart. This enables you to quickly create a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Every family member with a smartphone and access to the Smart me app can operate the Smart me products.

Attractively priced

A smart plug is available starting starting from € 24.99.

We have several smart plugs in our range. Whether you are looking for a smart plug for 1 device or a smart power strip for multiple devices, small or large, with USB ports or without: We always have a suitable solution for you. Make all your equipment smart today and start saving energy now.