Are you thinking about smart lighting in your home? But don't feel like fussing? Then our smart lights are just the thing for you. Easy to use and certainly not expensive. Use multiple smart lights and control (remotely), dim or automate them easily with one app.

Our lamps also communicate with other smart home products such as Zigbee switches and sensors. So they are super versatile.

Easy installation

Installation of the smart bulbs is really easy. Download the free Smart me app, screw the smart bulb into a socket and register the bulb in the app. That's all.

In no time at all you have smart lighting in your entire home. In the app you can easily control, dim and automate all your lamps. Anyone can do it.

Personal setting

Automatically dim lights at the end of the day, or wake up to cool, bright light in the morning. Group lights together to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic movie night or a cosy dinner with friends. You'll always have the best light setting for any activity.  

In the app you turn all the lights on/off at the same time with one touch, or set timers and it happens automatically.

Operation by the whole family

The Smart me app can be downloaded by everyone in the family. This way, multiple users can control the lighting in your home. Do you have small(er) children or a babysitter at home? Or do you not always feel like using the app to control your smart lighting? Then use a smart switch or button.

With a smart switch, you can manually control up to 6 different scenarios that you have programmed via the app. This is useful if your phone is on the charger or if someone without a smartphone wants to control the lighting.
Works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri & Amazon Alexa

Besides the control options mentioned above, our smart lighting works with all common voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri & Amazon Alexa. Creating atmosphere from your lazy chair was never so easy!

Lamps for every situation

We have various smart lamps in our assortment, whether you are looking for a spotlight for in a kitchen or under a roof, or an atmospheric filament lamp that fits in an industrial interior. We have something for everyone.  

Not only lamps that give cold to warm white light, but also lamps that can display 16 million colours. So you always have the perfect atmosphere in your home!

No need for separate dimmers

At a certain time of day, it is nice to have lights burn brighter or softer. With smart lighting, you no longer need separate dimmers. You dim the lights in the app, or let them dim or brighten automatically at a certain moment. Saves a lot of money!

Combine with other smart (Zigbee) products

Did you know that our smart lamps communicate with all our smart home products? Use a smart (Zigbee) sensor to trigger a lamp by movement or water leakage. Or switch on the lamp in the hallway as soon as you enter the house. This works very simply. Register the sensor in the app and put it together with the smart bulb(s) in a scenario.

NOTE: a smart bulb doesn't need anything extra to function; it works directly on your wifi network. To make Zigbee products work, however, you always need a Zigbee gateway. So if you use a Zigbee sensor in a scenario with a smart bulb you will always need a Zigbee gateway (Link ME).  

But there are many more possibilities. All our products communicate with each other and can trigger lamps. The possibilities are endless!

Our smart lighting works with the wifi protocol. If you want to install smart lighting in the attic, it is important that you have a good wifi range there as well.  

Do you want to trigger a smart light in the attic by means of a smart Zigbee sensor? Then you also need to make sure that the Zigbee signal is spread throughout your home. For best results, use a Zigbee repeater on each floor.

Start today with automating smart lighting in your home. Check out our complete product range here. You already have smart lighting from € 9.99.

Why choose Marmitek?

All of our products have been tested extensively and meet the high quality requirements that we and our customers set for our products.

For 25 years, we have been offering the best solutions for image and sound transmission & a smart home at an affordable price. We make products accessible to everyone; all our products are plug & play.

Moreover, we are always ready to help you find the right solution for your situation.

Marmitek. Stay connected.

Switch lights on motion
Motion sensor

Switch lights with one touch
Smart switch

Switch lamps on at the detection of movement
Smart camera

Switch on a light when the doorbell rings
Smart doorbell