Would you also like to watch wireless TV at a 2nd location in the house without (extra) cables to pull? We have several HDMI extenders to wirelessly transmit the HDMI signal (image and sound) from your media box, Blu-ray player or game console to a (second) TV in the bedroom, garden or loft.

Transmitting HDMI signals wirelessly ensures that you can watch TV in another place in the house with the same options and possibilities as in your living room (the position of your decoder/media box). For example, you can benefit from the same extensive range of channels, interactive television, digital transmission and the best possible image quality at a 2nd location in the house.

A solution for every situation

Wireless transmission of HDMI signals can be a solution for you when:

  • you do not have a 2nd 'TV' connection (antenna/coax/CAT5);
  • the 2nd location is far removed from the available connection;
  • a (long) high-quality HDMI cable is too expensive;
  • you do not want to or cannot pull an HDMI cable;
  • the correct connection is not available (coax instead of CAT5/UTP).

For a 2nd TV, you no longer need an additional connection or a decoder/media box to watch digital TV in HD quality. When you have a connection downstairs and you want to further remove your living room TV from the connection than what is desirable in terms of cabling, this is also the perfect solution. The only thing you need is power, a TV and one of our wireless HDMI extenders.

How does watching TV wirelessly work?

An HDMI extender set consists of a transmitter (HDMI transmitter) and a receiver (HDMI receiver). The transmitter is connected to the desired HDMI source and the receiver is connected to, for example, the 2nd TV in your bedroom. The transmitter will then wirelessly transmit image and sound (the HDMI signal) from the HDMI source to the receiver connected to the 2nd TV. The HDTV Anywhere is a small exception to this. In this case, the HDMI signal is transmitted 'wirelessly' over the power network.

Also watch TV in the loft or in your garden.

Because of its large range, the TV Anywhere Wireless HD & the HDTV Anywhere are very suitable for forwarding an HDMI signal to another room in the house. The HDMI signal (copy) from the decoder downstairs is forwarded to the HDMI receiver near a 2nd TV via the HDMI transmitter. All you need is an electrical outlet to power your TV. If you want to operate your downstairs decoder from the upstairs bedroom, you need the decoder's remote control, or you can purchase a universal remote control.

Connect 2 HDMI sources or control a PC remotely.

The above HDMI extenders both offer something extra. The HDTV Anywhere enables you to connect both a decoder and a media player (or another HDMI source), which underlines the uniqueness of this product. It is possible to connect a mouse and keyboard to the HDMI receiver of the TV Anywhere Wireless HD. This allows you to remotely control your PC via your 2nd TV.

Get rid of the TV cabinet! 

The TV Anywhere Wireless HD or the HDTV Anywhere can easily be used to mount your TV fully detached using a TV wall bracket. You no longer need a TV cabinet to place your equipment as close to your TV as possible. For example, you place your TV decoder in the meter cupboard and transmit the signal wirelessly across walls and ceilings to your TV, without any loss of quality. Really great!

In short, these 2 HDMI extenders offer you a universal solution to watch TV in HD quality in a way that never fails. Regardless of which provider you choose and to which floor you want to send the signal from your decoder.

Wireless 4K and CEC

The GigaView 911 UHD provides wireless HDMI signal transmission from 4K HDMI sources to a TV or beamer. The Ultra HD HDMI signal can be transmitted over a distance of 10 metres, without any interference, loss of quality or noticeable delay. This eliminates the need to consider where the cable connection is located. You just place your Ultra HD TV in the preferred room. Because there is no signal delay, this wireless HDMI extender is extremely suitable for use with gaming consoles.

The GigaView 911 UHD is equipped with CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). If your connected equipment also features CEC, it is possible to switch on one device and let other devices respond to this by then switching on as well.

Big screen gaming without lag!

The GigaView 821 is particularly suitable if you want to play games on a big screen and if both Full HD and 3D are important for an optimal gaming experience. Because the HDMI signal is not compressed, there will be no delay, leaving your response speed unchanged. However, you can also easily hide this product out of sight, making it an ideal solution for placing it near your ceiling projector/beamer. The range is large enough to transmit signals to devices in the same or an adjacent room.

Wireless HDMI from laptop to beamer.

The GigaView 811 consists of a very small wireless transmitter (HDMI stick with USB connection), which you connect to a laptop's HDMI output. The compact receiver can be connected to a beamer or TV. The transmitter is easily and quickly changed when HDMI needs to be sent wirelessly to the beamer or TV from another laptop. Ideal for wireless presentations in a meeting room or classroom. The range is sufficiently large to transmit signals to a TV or beamer in the same room.

Operating equipment remotely.

If you use an HDMI extender, the transmitter will, for example, be connected to your living room decoder and the receiver to your bedroom TV. So, how do you operate your decoder downstairs to see the required content on your bedroom TV? This is possible thanks to a built-in infrared return function in the receiver. It returns the signal from your remote control to your decoder, ensuring remote control of your decoder. Make sure you have an extra remote control for your decoder, so you don't have to take your remote upstairs/downstairs with you all the time. Or purchase a universal remote control. If you choose an HDMI extender, it is almost always advisable to choose one that features this infrared return function.

TV Anywhere Wireless HD, HDTV Anywhere, GigaView 821

Loopthrough function.

Many HDMI extenders allow you to connect 1 HDMI source to the transmitter and transmit the picture and sound to a TV at a different location. If you just want to watch TV on your TV near the transmitter, you first have to change the cables. Inconvenient! Most of our wireless transmitters feature a loopthrough output. This enables you to also connect a (1st) television in addition to the HDMI source. This so-called loopthrough connection enables you to simultaneously watch the same film or series at two locations in the home, and you don't have to switch cables if you want to watch football alternately in the living room and, for example, the conservatory.

TV Anywhere Wireless HD, HDTV Anywhere, GigaView 821

More than 10 years of experience in wireless HDMI transmission.

When it comes to image and sound transmission, we are at the forefront. We have been selling HDMI extenders that can transmit HDMI signals wirelessly since 2009. With the HDTV Anywhere, we even were the first in Europe with whole house coverage! With the introduction of the GigaView 911 UHD 4K HDMI extender, we demonstrate that we are continuously responding to market developments.

We have our own R&D department and we guarantee that all our products meet the high quality requirements that apply to these products.

Watching TV wirelessly starts at € 199.95. Place your TV where you want it today!

Alternatives to wireless HDMI transmission

Do you prefer not to transfer HDMI wirelessly?  We also have wired solutions. Check out our extensive range of HDMI extenders over CAT5/6 (ethernet).