Wireless HDMI in 8 easy steps

Draadloos HDMI in 8 eenvoudige stappen

To connect your TV wirelessly to a media box, you usually need a wireless HDMI transmitter (transmitter) and receiver (receiver) set. These so-called HDMI extenders allow you to send audio and video signals from a media box to your TV without the need for physical cables.

This is particularly useful if you want to move a TV and a media box further apart. For example, if you want to mount a TV on the wall or place a TV in a conservatory or in the attic where there is no TV connection.

Step-by-step guide for wireless HDMI

Here are the 8 steps to connect your TV wirelessly to a media box:

  1. Buy a wireless HDMI extender: Buy a wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver set, such as the TV Anywhere Wireless 4K, TV Anywhere Wireless HD or TVAW4K Pro. Make sure the set supports the resolution and features you need.

  2. Unpack and inspect: Carefully unpack the wireless HDMI extender and inspect the contents. Our HDMI extenders consist of an HDMI transmitter, HDMI receiver, power adapter adapters and HDMI cables.

  3. Connect the HDMI transmitter to the media box:
    • Connect the HDMI transmitter with the included HDMI cable to your media box.
    • Turn on the HDMI transmitter with the included power adapter.

  4. Connect the HDMI receiver to the TV:
    • Connect the HDMI receiver with the included HDMI cable to your TV.
    • Turn on the HDMI receiver with the included power adapter.

  5. Pair the HDMI transmitter and HDMI receiver: Follow the instructions in the user manual of the HDMI extender set to pair the HDMI transmitter and HDMI receiver. To do this, press a specific button on both devices.

  6. Change the settings on the TV: Go to the input/source settings on your TV and select the HDMI port to which the wireless HDMI receiver is connected. This allows the TV to recognize the signal from the media box over the wireless system.

  7. Turn on the devices: Turn on your media box, your TV and the wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver. Wait a moment to give the devices time to establish a wireless connection.

  8. Test the connection: Check if the video and sound of the media box are successfully sent to the TV. If not, troubleshoot by ensuring the devices are properly paired and the settings are correctly configured.

So it's very easy to achieve a wireless HDMI connection in your home. It works within a few minutes and you need no additional cables or accessories.

Wireless HDMI extenders from Marmitek

The wireless HDMI extender sets from Marmitek have a range throughout the living area. So you don't have to take walls, floors and ceilings into account. We have over 25 years of experience in the field of wireless HDMI. Discover our wireless HDMI extenders and watch TV in places where it was previously not possible:

  1. TVAW4K Pro: Professional 4K HDMI extender. Connect multiple displays wirelessly
  2. TV Anywhere Wireless 4K: 4K HDMI extender
  3. TV Anywhere Wireless HD: 1080p HDMI extender


TV Anywhere Wireless 4K - Wireless HDMI extender 4K60

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TVAW4K Pro - Wireless 4K HDMI extender - Possible to connect multiple displays

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TV Anywhere Wireless HD - Wireless HDMI extender

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