What is an IR extender?

Wat is een IR extender?

An IR extender (IR extender or infrared extender) is a device used to extend the range of infrared signals. Infrared signals are often used for the remote control of your television, TV decoder or DVD player.

Is a device to be operated located outside the direct view of your remote control? Then use an IR extender to pass the signal to the device to be operated.

Entry-level IR extender

Are you looking for a simple solution to operate all your equipment that is in a closed cabinet? Then choose an entry-level IR extender. This always works and is very easy and quick to install.

These systems consist of the following components:

  • IR receiver: place this in view of the remote control
  • IR extension cable: cable from the IR receiver to the extension unit 'IR module'
  • IR extension unit 'IR module': is in the cabinet and receives the signal from the remote control. The IR module sends this signal to the IR transmitter.
  • IR transmitter: place this on the device to be operated and is connected to the IR module. The IR transmitter then sends the signal to the device to be operated.

The Invisible Control 6 XTRA is our best-selling model. This IR extender is ideal when equipment is in a TV cabinet. Very versatile, because it works with any device.

The most compact model we sell is the IR 100 USB. With this, a media box can easily be hidden behind a TV and still be operated with your remote control.

Invisible Control 6 XTRA - IR extender - >8 appl.

€ 49,99
€ 0,00 € 49,99
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IR 100 USB - IR extender - USB powered - 1 appl.

€ 39,99
€ 0,00 € 39,99
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Wireless IR extenders

Wireless IR extenders consist of an IR receiver and an IR transmitter that are connected wirelessly. You connect them both to the socket.

The IR receiver is placed in view of the remote control and the IR transmitter is placed in front of the device to be operated.

When the remote control is used, the IR receiver sends the signal wirelessly to the IR transmitter, which then sends the signal to the device to be operated.

A wireless IR extender is perfect for when your TV is in the living room and your equipment to be operated is in another room. This type of IR extender is also very suitable when using a TV wall bracket.

Powermid XL - IR extender - Wireless

€ 49,99
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Extend a signal up to 300 meters

When you want to operate devices that are at a distance, you need a professional IR extender. You use professional IR extenders, for example, to operate equipment that is in another room or even in another building.

These sets consist of an IR receiver, IR module and an IR transmitter. To bridge the desired distance, you use a UTP cable (not included).

To operate equipment up to a distance of 300 meters, use one of the following IR extenders:

      IR Control 10 XTRA - IR extender - max. 300 m

      € 99,99
      € 0,00 € 99,99
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      IR Control 10 - IR extender - max. 300 m

      € 89,99
      € 0,00 € 89,99
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IR extenders are used in situations where the desired device is out of direct sight of the remote control. For example, when it is placed in a closed cabinet or is in another room.

They are handy for operating multiple devices from one location and for reducing cable clutter by using wireless solutions.

Marmitek IR extenders

Marmitek IR extenders are a household name. We have had the most complete range with the right solution for every situation for almost 30 years. Start operating equipment that is in a closed cabinet or in another room today!

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