How does wireless HDMI work?

Hoe werkt draadloos HDMI?

Wireless HDMI allows you to stream audio and video content without the clutter of cables. In this blog post, we explore how wireless HDMI works, what devices you need, and the benefits it offers.

What is wireless HDMI?

Wireless HDMI refers to a technology that allows high-quality audio and video signals to be transmitted wirelessly from a source device to a display without physical HDMI cables. This offers a clean and simple setup, ideal for home theaters or presentations in meeting rooms.

Benefits of wireless HDMI

Using wireless HDMI comes with several benefits:

  • Convenience: No cables required, leading to a neater living or workspace.
  • Easy installation: Simple setup without drilling through walls or hiding cables.
  • Flexibility: Move devices without the limitations of cables.

How to set up a wireless HDMI system?

To set up a wireless HDMI system, you need a transmitter and a receiver. You connect the transmitter to your media source, such as a laptop, Blu-ray player, or gaming console. You connect the receiver to your television or projector. Once they're powered on, they automatically connect to each other and start transmitting the HDMI signals wirelessly.

Some wireless HDMI systems have the option to connect multiple receivers. This allows you to display your media source on multiple screens simultaneously. There are also systems where multiple transmitters can be connected that can take over the screen with the push of a button.

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Considerations when choosing a wireless HDMI system

When choosing a wireless HDMI system, you need to consider several important factors:

  • Compatibility: Make sure the system is compatible with all devices you want to connect.
  • Resolution: Opt for systems that support the desired resolution, such as 1080p, 4K, or 8K.
  • Range: Check the range of the wireless signal transmission. This is important if you plan to use it in a large space.
  • Mobility: There are various options in terms of the system's mobility. Especially for freelancers and sales managers who often have appointments on location, mobility is important.

Which wireless HDMI system should I choose?

Depending on your needs, you can choose from different HDMI systems.

If you want to opt for mobility and convenience, the Stream S1 Pro and Stream S2 Pro are good options. Both devices support a resolution of 1080p and 60 Hz. The advantage of the Stream S2 Pro is that additional transmitters can be connected to the system.

If you want to work with at least a 4K resolution or the option to send media to multiple receivers, the TVAW4K Pro is the best choice. This device supports resolutions up to 4K at 60 Hz, allowing you to send a fantastic image signal to multiple devices.

Get started with a wireless HDMI system

With a wireless HDMI system, you can enjoy high image and sound quality without the hassle of cables. Whether you want to enhance your home theater or give a professional presentation, wireless HDMI offers a powerful solution for streaming content.

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