HDTV Anywhere

HDTV Anywhere
HDMI extender wireless - via mains network
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HDTV Anywhere
HDTV Anywhere
HDMI extender wireless - via mains network

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HDTV Anywhere - HDMI extender wireless - via mains network
HDTV Anywhere
€ 249,95
Product description

Watch TV at a 2nd location in the home, without laying (additional) cables.

  • Watch TV programmes, films and photos from an HDMI device anywhere in your home, right on your TV/projection screen, in Full HD quality.
  • Connect up to 2 HDMI sources (e.g. digital tv decoder or Blu-ray player) and transmit the signal wirelessly.
  • Any available extra functions such as Video on Demand, Pay TV, Electronic Program Guide, Time Shift and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) remain remotely available and controllable.
  • Plug & Play! Uses your existing mains network and eliminates the need to lay cables.
  • Unique SmartLink technology ensures coverage throughout your home.
  • Operate your connected AV equipment remotely, using the infrared return feature.
  • Through an HDMI splitter built into the transmitter, you can continue to watch your locally connected equipment as well.
  • 100% HDCP compliant.

With the HDTV Anywhere, you can transmit the signal from a digital TV decoder, media player and/or Blu-ray player wirelessly. This means you no longer need an additional connection or a decoder/media player for a 2nd TV to watch digital TV in HD quality. Also, when you have a connection downstairs and you want to place your primary TV further away from the connection than what is desirable in terms of cabling, this is a perfect solution. The only thing you need is power, a TV and the HDTV Anywhere.

Because of its large range, the HDTV Anywhere is very suitable for forwarding an HDMI signal to another room in the home. The signal sent by the decoder downstairs is forwarded to a 2nd TV via the HDTV Anywhere. On this TV, you can enjoy digital TV in HD quality. All you need is an electrical outlet to power your TV. If you want to operate your decoder downstairs from the bedroom upstairs, you need the decoder's remote control or you can purchase a universal remote control.

With the HDTV Anywhere, Marmitek offers a universal solution for watching TV in HD quality in a way that always works, no matter what provider you choose and to which floor you want to send the decoder's signal! In addition, it is possible to connect both a decoder and a media player, which underlines the uniqueness of this product once again.

The product above transmits a copy of the signal to the other room, enabling you to watch the same programme or film at both places. For example, you can continue to watch a film in the bedroom that you started downstairs. If you want to be able to watch other TV channels in the other room, you can connect a 2nd decoder, enabling you to watch independently of each other.

* E.g. digital TV decoder, Blu-ray player, media center PC, hard disk recorder etc.

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