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About us

25 years of success

Marmitek is a Dutch company that has been marketing smart solutions since 1996. Our solutions help consumers connect their audio and video equipment. We provide convenience and comfort so that AV equipment can be enjoyed at home optimally.

Part of the Vogel's Group

Since 2017, Marmitek has been part of the Vogel's Group; the market leader in the field of mounting and suspension systems for TVs and other audio-visual equipment. Marmitek products are available in more than 35 countries in Europe and APAC (including Asia-Pacific & Australia). We use a carefully selected network of distributors and resellers.

Smart home

In addition to a complete range of smart AV solutions, we also offer a wide range of smart home products. These include smart bulbs, plugs, security cameras, motion sensors and camera doorbells. These smart home products enable you to make your entire home smart, safe and energy efficient in a simple and affordable way.

Marmitek Pro

We have a separate Pro division: Marmitek Professional. This selective range of distinctive, high-performance products serves installers and customers in professional markets, such as B2B/corporate, hospitality, education and retail.

Marmitek is based on four important core values: Solution oriented, reliable, convenience and fun."

Solution focused

Do you want to place your equipment out of sight (e.g. in a closed TV cabinet) and continue to operate it? Do you want to mount your TV to the wall and only have one HDMI input available while having multiple HDMI sources? Do you want to provide a second TV (e.g. outside or on another floor) with an HDMI signal wirelessly?

For situations like this, Marmitek offers a suitable solution. Each product we supply is designed to solve a specific connection problem. Even if you think there is no solution.

Does your equipment not have a certain type of connection? Are you short of connections? Do you want to convert or split an HDMI signal? Is it not possible to reach a certain place using a standard HDMI cable? We always offer a solution.


Quality is of paramount importance to us. We want you to know that our products are reliable. No 'ifs' and 'buts' - it just has to work and continue to work. All our products comply with extremely strict quality requirements. They undergo extensive testing to ensure optimal operation.

If you still have a question, or just can't work it out, our customer service staff are ready to answer your questions.

Marmitek 25 years


Plug and play is not just a term for us; it is an important pillar during the development process of our products. We advocate easy installation. Then you don't have to worry about it anymore.

In our view, convenience begins with the comfort of your own home. With our products, we do our bit to make your life easier. Our smart home products use the intuitive Marmitek Smart me app. It makes setting up and using these products child's play.

Even more convenient is the support for voice control. Use Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri to control lights or other devices using voice commands. The ability to set up scenarios (automations) increases the ease of operation. Have a lamp switch on automatically when a camera detects movement, receive a notification on your phone when a door opens or switch off all your lights automatically at a specific time.


It is important that you enjoy your equipment. We are committed to optimising the quality of your viewing and listening experience. So:

 The possibilities are endless. Enjoy, experience and have fun.


Technological development never stands still. Therefore, there are many different types and versions of connections. A good example of this is USB Type-C, a connection that you will see more and more on mobile devices. Often, it even replaces conventional connections, such as an HDMI or Ethernet connection.

We offer solutions that enable you to still connect your USB-C device to peripherals with a conventional connection.

We build the bridge from existing to new, from analogue to digital, from wired to wireless and from 'stupid' to 'smart'. We make sure your equipment stays connected. Always. We have done this for the past 25 years and will continue to do so for the next 25.

Marmitek. Stay connected.

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