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Declarations of Conformity

On this page you can find all statement regarding the applicable European directives for our products. 


Connect Operate Audio TV & Video Smart me
Connect 310 UHD Invisible Control 2 BoomBoom 80 TV Anywhere Wireless HD Glow ME, MO, SE, SO, XSE
Connect 350 UHD Invisible Control Black 4 BoomBoom 75 HDTV Anywhere Glow MI, LI, XLI, XXLI
Connect 310 UHD 2.0 IR100USB BoomBoom 77 GigaView 811 Power SE, SI
Connect 350 UHD 2.0 Invisible Control 6 XTRA BoomBoom 100 GigaView 821 Power LI
Connect 620 UHD 2.0 Invisible Control 6 BoomBoom 93 GigaView 911 UHD Sense SE
Connect 621 UHD 2.0 IR Control 10 BoomBoom 460 MegaView 60 Sense SI
Connect 542 UHD IR Control 10 XTRA BoomBoom 50 MegaView 63 View ME
Connect 642 Pro IR Control 11 XTRA BoomBoom 55 MegaView 65 View MO
Split 312 UHD Powermid XL Audio Anywhere 725 MegaView 66 Buzz LO
Split 612 UHD 2.0 IR Control 8 Audio Anywhere 625 MegaView 76 Bell ME
Split 614 UHD 2.0   Subwoofer Anywhere 635 MegaView 90  Push ME
Split 418 UHD   Surround Anywhere 221 MegaView 91  Link ME
Split 618 UHD 2.0   BoomBoom 560 MegaView 141 UHD  Sense MO
Connect HV15   BoomBoom 577 MegaView 241 UHD 2.0  Sense MI
Connect VH51   Audio Anywhere 630  Stream S1 Pro  Sense ME
Connect HA13   Subwoofer Anywhere 640  Stream S2 Pro  Sense MA
Connect AH31      Stream T2 Pro
 Push LE, LO
Connect AE14        Link SE
Connect AE24 UHD 2.0        Glow XSO
Connect TC22        
Connect DA21        
Connect TS21        
Connect TS41        
Split TS12      
Split TS14      
USB-C > Ethernet Overig
USB-C > DVI Overig Switching adapter View ME
USB-C > Audio Switching adapter AA630, SA640 Switching adapter
USB-C > Displayport

Adapter Link ME

Connect AD12




Switching adapter AD12
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