Would you like to transmit the sound of your TV or audio system wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker? Doesn't your TV or audio system have a Bluetooth function or doesn't it work properly? You can easily solve this with one of our Bluetooth audio transmitters.

A Bluetooth transmitter adds, as it were, a Bluetooth function to your TV. Using Bluetooth, it allows you to easily stream the sound of your TV or audio system wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

How does a Bluetooth transmitter work?

It is very easy to connect a Bluetooth transmitter to your TV or audio system. A Bluetooth transmitter consists of a small box, a USB power cable and 1 or 2 audio cables. You use these to connect the Bluetooth transmitter to your TV via AUX audio, coaxial or Toslink and to provide it with power. Then you pair the Bluetooth transmitter with your Bluetooth headphones. That's it!

Enjoy your favourite film without annoying ambient noise. Or listen to your favourite music or TV program without disturbing others or losing your freedom of movement.

Compact solution.

Are you looking for a mini wireless Bluetooth transmitter that you can easily hide behind your TV? Then look no further. The BoomBoom 50 is a very compact Bluetooth transmitter that is powered via USB.

BoomBoom 50

Stream to 2 pairs of headphones simultaneously.

The BoomBoom 55 is a Bluetooth transmitter that enables you to stream your TV's sound wirelessly to one or two pairs of Bluetooth headphones simultaneously. The Bluetooth transmitter features aptX and aptX Low Latency. This ensures audio in CD quality and that there is no delay between image and sound. Ideal for when your kids are gaming!

BoomBoom 55

Bluetooth transmitter & receiver in 1

In addition to streaming TV audio to a Bluetooth headset, would you like to stream music from your smartphone to an audio system? Then the BoomBoom 100 is the ideal solution. This convenient device is a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver in one.

In transmission mode (TX), you stream audio wirelessly from the TV to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, while in reception mode (RX), you stream music in CD quality from a smartphone, PC or tablet to an audio system.

This Bluetooth audio transmitter supports aptX, aptX Low Latency and AAC for an optimal sound experience and ensures that there is no delay between image and sound. The BoomBoom 100 can be connected to 2 pairs of headphones at the same time.

BoomBoom 100

Marmitek Bluetooth transmitters are available starting at €34.95.

We also have an extensive range of Bluetooth audio receivers. Stream audio from your smartphone to your audio system and make the most of your Spotify playlist. Buy now!

AptX Low Latency, what is that exactly?

A common problem when streaming audio in combination with watching images is the synchronisation between image and sound. The aptX Low Latency technology prevents this so-called lip sync problem, resulting in no noticeable difference between the image you see on TV and the sound that goes with it.

To benefit from aptX Low Latency, both the transmitter and receiver must be equipped with this technology.

We have several products in our range featuring this. For the best possible sound quality without delay, use the BoomBoom 55 to stream audio to the BoomBoom 577 Bluetooth headphones. This combination is ideal for gaming!

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless connection to ‘stream’ audio between an audio source (transmitter) and an audio playback device (receiver), located at a short distance from each other (<10m).

To enable this wireless Bluetooth connection, both the transmitter and receiver must be Bluetooth-enabled and linked to each other (this is also referred to as pairing).

Bluetooth is the technology that enables you to link these devices without using a cable.

Examples of sources and audio playback devices:


  • Smartphone/ tablet (iOS, Android);
  • PC/ laptop;
  • Equipment, e.g. TV/audio system, to which you add a Bluetooth function by means of a Bluetooth transmitter.

Audio playback device

  • Bluetooth speaker/ headphones;
  • AV amplifier with Bluetooth function;
  • Equipment, e.g. an audio system, to which you add a Bluetooth function by means of a Bluetooth receiver.


To stream audio over this Bluetooth link, various codecs may be used:


  • Each audio Bluetooth product features at least the SBC protocol;
  • Fair audio playback;
  • Lossy compression technology, resulting in partial loss of the original quality during transmission;
  • Bass and treble may especially sound distorted.


  • CD-quality audio;
  • Lossless compression technology, no loss of quality during transmission;
  • Much better audio quality.

AptX Low Latency

  • CD-quality audio + no latency;
  • Lossless compression technology, no loss of quality during transmission;
  • No lip-sync problems, for use with combination of picture and sound (watching TV and gaming);
  • Audio quality comparable to aptX.


In addition to SBC and aptX, AAC is another audio codec that is used to transmit audio via Bluetooth. AAC is supported by iOS (Apple, iTunes) devices and is designed to achieve better sound quality than mp3.

In addition to basic models, we also have Bluetooth audio transmitters and headphones that support both AAC (Apple devices and iTunes) and aptX/aptX Low Latency. So, whether you want to stream Bluetooth on an iPad, iPhone or Android phone, our products will work with any device that supports Bluetooth.