Connecting a record player wirelessly to an amplifier?

Platenspeler draadloos aansluiten op een versterker?

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If you enjoy listening to LPs on your turntable but don't want a clunky audio cable running across the floor, consider the Audio Anywhere 630 audio transmitter and receiver set.

With the Audio Anywhere 630 audio transmitter and receiver set you wirelessly stream music from your record player to an amplifier. This way, you can place a record player anywhere in a room. The set consists of a digital audio transmitter (transmitter) and receiver (receiver) that are connected wirelessly. Bye ugly cable!

Place your record player wherever you want

A turntable normally needs an audio cable to connect to your amplifier. So usually your record player is close to this installation.

With the Audio Anywhere 630 you choose where you want to place the record player. This makes it possible to rotate pictures from your lazy chair.

You no longer need audio cables that you have to hide neatly. And if you want to play records with friends at the table, that's no problem either.

No long audio cables across the floor

The Audio Anywhere 630 makes a wireless connection to an amplifier or hi-fi system. This means you don't have to lay long audio cables across the floor to your amplifier. This is of course much safer and also looks much nicer. Since most homes are equipped with many electrical outlets, not much cable is needed to power the products.

How does it work?

The Audio Anywhere 630 is very easy to install and use. This wireless audio set consists of a digital audio transmitter (transmitter) and an audio receiver (receiver). Connect the audio transmitter to your record player and the audio receiver to your amplifier.

Provide power and the sound will be transferred automatically. The digital audio technology used ensures interference-free audio transmission. For a successful wireless audio transfer, your turntable needs a built-in preamplifier.

More wireless connectivity options

The Audio Anywhere 630 can be used for different purposes. Think, for example, of wirelessly connecting a TV or PC to your sound system. Then you play the sound of a TV or PC wirelessly on this sound system.

It is also possible to connect several receivers in the set. This makes it possible to play audio in different rooms in the house.

Benefits of making your record player wireless

+ Place a record player anywhere in a room.

+ You don't have to place the turntable near your amplifier.

+ Audio cables do not need to be concealed.

+ No trip hazards over audio cables.

+ Your room looks neat and tidy.

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