A safe and smart home with smart home products

Een vrouw op een bank met een telefoon in haar hand waarmee zij, via de Smart me app, alle Smart me producten in haar huis mee kan bedienen

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Keep control of your home, even when you're on vacation or at work! With our smart home products you can quickly make your home and immediate surroundings safe and smart. Discover the wide Smart me range of smart LED lamps, security cameras, sensors, doorbells, plugs & switches.

One unique app

Keep an eye on your home with our security cameras and/or motion sensors. All Smart me products work with the unique Smart me app. Whether you purchase a smart LED lamp, security camera or switch, they can all be operated and automated via the same app.


Combine different Smart me products

Smart me products can also be set to trigger each other. Have a Smart me WiFi LED light switch on automatically when a Smart me sensor, camera or doorbell detects movement. Wouldn't it be nice if the lights turned on automatically as soon as you entered your home? Set different conditions whether they are time, temperature or location dependent; every scenario is possible!

Use a smart switch

Do you not always want to be dependent on operation via the Smart me app? We have various smart switches in our range to manually operate your smart products and scenarios. This way, everyone in your home has control over the lighting and programmed light scenes.

Wi-Fi 2.4GHz or Zigbee

We have Smart me products available via Wi-Fi or Zigbee to work. The Smartme Wi-Fi products are immediately ready for use after registration in the Smart me app. Smart me Zigbee products you use always in combination with the Marmitek Link ME (Zigbee gateway). You can connect multiple Smart me Zigbee products to one Link ME.

Smart me Zigbee products work together with all our Smart me WiFi products. For example, turn your Smart me WiFi LED lamps on or off with a smart Zigbee switch. Or let a lamp switch on automatically with a door or motion sensor.

Get started with various Smart me products to make your entire house smart:

You can then operate all your Smart me products with our Smart me app or have them switched on or off automatically. You can add as many Smart me products as you want!

The Smart me lamps are dimmable in the Smart me app.

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