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Draadloos presenteren met de Marmitek Stream S1 Pro - Wireless HDMI transmitter in laptop

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With potential customers, you obviously want to make a good impression. You have prepared a flashy presentation. Take matters into your own hands and instantly start your presentation anywhere.

Don't worry about cables, software or WiFi connections and use 'the wireless HDMI cable'. With this solution, you present wirelessly and without hassle, anytime & anywhere.

Isn't that what you want as well?

How does it work?

The wireless HDMI cable (Stream S1 Pro) consists of an HDMI transmitter and an HDMI receiver. You plug the HDMI transmitter into your laptop and the HDMI receiver into the screen on which you want to give your presentation. This can be a (large) screen but, of course, also a projector.

Within seconds, you can share a presentation or other content from your laptop wirelessly with customers. Do you want to stop presenting wirelessly? Press the button on the HDMI transmitter and the connection to the display will be terminated.

Does your customer also want to present something to you? Plug the HDMI transmitter into his/her laptop and start sharing content instantly.

USB-C port

Do you have a MacBook, Chromebook or other device with just a USB-C port? Don't worry, the Stream S1 Pro comes with a USB-C adapter. This makes it suitable for use with almost any mobile device.


The compact and sleek design of both the HDMI transmitter, HDMI receiver and USB-C adapter means that you can easily take this set with you in your laptop bag.

Works without app, software or WiFi connection

The Stream S1 Pro works as a standalone device. This means that no app, software or Wi-Fi connection is required to enable wireless presentations. No technical knowledge is required to use this set. It's plug and play!

No additional cables required

This set is supplied complete. Everything you need to enable wireless presentations is included. No additional cables need to be purchased. The HDMI transmitter is powered via the HDMI output on the laptop, while the HDMI receiver is powered via USB (via the display/projector).

Media centre

The Stream S1 Pro is extremely suitable for using a PC or laptop as a media centre. Share informative content wirelessly on a screen at the reception, entrance, digital signage or information boards.

  • Wireless presentations at any location.
  • No cables required.
  • Suitable for all devices with an HDMI or USB-C connection.
  • Works without app, software or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Compact.
  • Powered via USB.
  • Very complete set.

Hassle-free wireless presentations are available from € 299.95. Order the Stream S1 Pro today and make your business life just that little bit more carefree!

Stream S2 Pro - Wireless HDMI presentation system - Wireless HDMI from (multiple) laptop(s) to tv/display/projector

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2.664,00 DKK
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Connecting multiple laptops

Do you often travel together or do you have a meeting room where you meet with several colleagues? That means connecting several laptops to a single screen simultaneously and easily is obviously a must.

Then our wireless presentation system (Stream S2 Pro) is just the product for you. The standard Stream S2 is designed to allow one person to share content from a laptop, tablet or smartphone on a large screen.

Use additional HDMI transmitters (Stream T2 Pro, sold separately) to connect up to 20 laptops to the Stream S2 set simultaneously.

Buying a Stream S2 Pro?

S2 Stream Wireless Pro
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