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Operating AV devices in a closed cabinet: The benefits of using an infrared extender

Audiovisual (AV) devices such as TV decoders, DVD players, game consoles and media players are essential components of a modern home entertainment system. It is often a challenge to keep these devices organized and out of sight, especially if you want to maintain a clutter-free living space.

One solution is to store these devices in a closed cabinet, which keeps them hidden and protected from dust and damage. But how do you operate them when they are stored behind closed doors? The answer lies in using an infrared extender. In this article, we discuss the benefits of using an infrared extender to control AV devices in a closed cabinet.

Maintain an organized living space

One of the main reasons to use a closed cabinet to store AV devices is to maintain an organized living space. By keeping these devices out of sight, you create a visually appealing environment and avoid the clutter (cable chaos) that often accompanies a multitude of electronic gadgets. An infrared allows you to operate these appliances without having to open the cabinet doors, keeping the living space neat and tidy.

Protect your AV devices from dust and damage

AV devices can be sensitive to dust, dirt and other environmental factors that affect their performance and lifespan. By storing them in a closed cupboard, you protect them against these possible dangers. An infrared extender ensures that you can still operate these devices while they are safely stored, without exposing them to the elements.

Keep your devices safe

If you have small children in the house, it is also good to store your equipment safely behind closed doors. With an infrared extender you ensure that children do not play with your valuable equipment, but that this equipment remains operable.

Simplify your remote control

Using an infrared extender can help simplify your remote control by allowing you to control multiple devices with one remote. This is especially beneficial if you have a large number of AV devices in a cabinet, as it eliminates the need for multiple remotes and reduces the clutter in your living space.

Improve the range and reliability of your remote control

Infrared extenders improve the range and reliability of your remote control, ensuring that your commands are accurately transmitted to AV devices. This can be especially useful if a closed cabinet is some distance from the seating area, or if there are obstacles between you and your devices that interfere with the infrared signal.

Easy installation and setup

Infrared extenders are generally easy to install and set up, making them a convenient and easy-to-use solution for controlling AV devices in a closed cabinet. Most infrared extenders only require you to place the transmitter (transmitter) near your devices and the receiver (receiver) in a location where it can receive the signal from your remote control. This simple installation process means you'll be enjoying the benefits of an infrared extender in no time.

A solution for every situation

We have different types in our range for operating equipment:

  • in a closed cabinet;
  • in another room;
  • at a great distance;
  • behind a TV.


In summary, using an infrared extender to operate your AV devices in a closed cabinet offers numerous benefits, such as maintaining an organized living space, protecting devices from dust and damage, preventing damage from children playing and improving the range and reliability of your remote control. By investing in an infrared extender, you ensure that your home entertainment system remains both functional and visually attractive, so that you can enjoy your favorite movies, games and TV programs without any hassle or inconvenience.

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