Tips for purchasing a 4K webcam for hybrid meetings

Tips voor aanschaf van een webcam 4K voor hybride meetings

Nowadays, hybrid working - both at home and in the office - is becoming more common. Technology plays an important role in improving virtual meetings and remote collaboration.

An important part of this technological advancement is a 4K webcam. A 4K webcam greatly improves the quality of meetings. In this blog, we explain why a 4K webcam is ideal for hybrid meetings.

What is a 4K webcam for hybrid meetings?

A 4K webcam for hybrid meetings is a camera designed for modern and business environments. Participants join meetings both on-site and remotely. These webcams deliver sharp and detailed images, even in low light.

They are designed for easy installation and user-friendliness, perfect for hybrid meetings in offices, meeting rooms, and home offices.

Why use a 4K webcam for hybrid meetings?

Switching to a 4K webcam is a smart move. Here are some reasons why:

      • Improved image quality: High resolution ensures that all participants are clearly visible. This reduces misunderstandings and improves communication. The high resolution makes even the smallest details visible. This is essential for reading non-verbal cues.
      • Professional appearance: Many interactions take place online. A sharp image is important. It helps maintain a professional image.
      • Improved sound quality: A 4K webcam for hybrid meetings has a speaker and multiple microphones. This makes everyone clearly audible, both on-site and remotely. The sound quality is much better than when using the speakers/microphone of a laptop.
      • Improved participation: More people join meetings because everyone is clearly audible, even if they are far from the microphone. They can also hear everything well.
      • Wide field of view: Ideal for meetings with a group of people. More people fit into one frame without anyone having to move.
      • Light adaptation: Works well under different lighting conditions, both at home and in the office.

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      What to consider when buying a 4K webcam?

          • Compatibility: Check if the webcam works with your operating system and meeting software. For the Cam 4K Pro from Marmitek, no software or operating system is needed.
          • Wide-angle lens: Choose a model with a wide-angle lens for group meetings.
          • Microphone quality: Look for a webcam with multiple built-in microphones. This ensures that participants in a room are clearly audible to those at home.
          • Resolution: A 4K Ultra HD camera provides better quality than a 1080p camera. Make sure your TV screen also supports 4K Ultra HD.
          • Built-in speaker: A built-in speaker ensures that a remote participant is clearly audible to those present in the meeting room.
          • Easy to install and use-friendly.
          • Privacy and security: A button to turn off the sound and camera

      How to connect a webcam for hybrid meetings?

      It is very easy to install a webcam for hybrid meetings. Power the 4K webcam and connect it to your laptop via the included USB cable. Start your meeting, select the name of the camera you are using as a microphone and speaker, and you are ready to go! There is no need to install additional software or other items.

      Valuable investment

      A 4K webcam significantly improves your hybrid meetings. It enhances the quality of communication and maintains a professional appearance. A 4K webcam for hybrid meetings is a valuable investment for anyone who regularly participates in virtual meetings.

      Take hybrid meetings to the next level today

      Do you also want to take your hybrid meetings to the next level? Then buy the Cam 4K Pro from Marmitek today. With the Cam 4K Pro, you have a robust, reliable camera at a very attractive price:

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          • 4x built-in omnidirectional microphones
          • Single cable connection to your laptop (USB-C)
          • Built-in Bluetooth 5.1

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