Powermid XL

Powermid XL
IR extender - Wireless
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Powermid XL
Powermid XL
IR extender - Wireless

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This wireless IR extender is suitable to use to operate equipment in another room or when you use a wall mount for your TV. Hang a TV freely and place the equipment you want to operate elsewhere. The Powermid XL consists of an IR receiver and IR transmitter. The signal passes through walls and floors. It's plug & play and works with all digital TV set-top boxes.

Control 8+ AV devices

Wireless IR extension up to 25m

Control AV devices in another room

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Powermid XL - IR extender - Product Image | Marmitek
Powermid XL
20.000 Ft

Product description

Operate audio video devices in another room

  • Wireless solution to extend the signal from your remote control through walls and floors.
  • Operate an HDD recorder, set-top box, satellite decoder or stereo system from other rooms in the home, for example, from the bedroom.
  • Works with your own remote controls.
  • Works on mains power.
  • Can be used immediately, without installation.
  • Operation guaranteed with all digital TV decoders.

The Powermid XL is our oldest success story. This wireless infrared extender is suitable for operating equipment in another room or if you are using a wall bracket for your TV. You can then hang your TV anywhere and place the equipment you want to operate elsewhere.

Technical specifications

Ir emitter
Infrared output 1x 3.5 mm jack connection (mono) for emitter LEDs
Infrared transmission range ± 8 meters
Size 200 x 75 x 80 mm (with unfolded antenna)
Power supply 100- 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 9 VDC
Ir receiver
Frequency range 30 - 60 kHz
RF frequency 433.92 MHz
RF range Up to 100 meters free field, up to 25 meters through floors and walls
Infrared reception range ± 8 meters
Infrared reception angle 60° (+30°/-30° from center)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 200 x 75 x 80 mm (with antenna extended)
Power supply 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 9 VDC


Customer Reviews

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werkt gewoon goed

werkt gewoon goed

Goed product, matig bezorgd.

Voor mijzelf deze piramides al jaren met plezier in gebruik. Nu voor een ander aangeschaft.

Marc Hageman
Powermid XL

Infrarood verlenger draadloos

P van haandel
Ziet er leuk uit en werkt goed

Zendertje en ontvangertje zien er leuk uit en werkt goed bij mij. Ook de adapters zijn energiezuinig. De degelijkheid moet zich natuurlijk nog bewijzen.

Powermid XL

Infrarood verlenger draadloos

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      Frequently asked questions

      Does the signal of the Powermid XL travel through walls and ceilings?

      Yes. The Powermid XL uses RF signals with a transmission frequency of 433 MHz. These signals go through walls and ceilings.

      What is the range of the Powermid XL?

      The range of the Powermid XL depends on the local situation. The number of walls and ceilings, and their construction, influence the distance the signal can travel. Normally the range is between 10 and 20 m.

      Can I also use the Powermid XL to control equipment in a locked cupboard?

      Yes. You will find an extra connection (3.5 mm plug) on the back of the Powermid XL receiver. This can be used to connect an IR Eye, which you can use to control equipment in a locked cupboard.

      How do I check whether the Powermid XL transmits the signal of my remote control?

      When transmitting the signal of your remote control, a red LED will light up on both the transmitter and the receiver.

      Can I transmit signals from my wireless keyboard using the Powermid XL?

      If your wireless keyboard uses standard infrared signals (40 kHz), you can extend this wireless signal. Contact the supplier of the wireless keyboard to check whether your keyboard uses this frequency.

      Does the Powermid XL also work with Bang & Olufsen equipment?

      No. Bang & Olufsen uses a different infrared frequency. The Powermid XL does not support this frequency.

      Is it possible to use several IR transmitters with each other?

      Yes, however, the IR transmitters will all transmit the same IR signal, which is received by the IR receiver.
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