Sense ME

Sense ME
Zigbee motion sensor - Wireless - Scene Activation
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Always included

  • Zigbee motion sensor

  • CR2450 battery

  • Magnetic wall mount

  • 3M adhesive tape

  • User manual

Sense ME
Sense ME
Zigbee motion sensor - Wireless - Scene Activation

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5.600 Ft
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This motion sensor notifies your smartphone when it detects movement or, alternatively, no movement. In the Smart me app, pair this motion sensor to one of our smart LED bulbs or plugs and these will switch on/off when the sensor detects movement. It is battery operated, allowing it to be placed anywhere using the included adhesive strip or built-in magnet. This product requires the Marmitek Link ME (Zigbee gateway) and works with all Marmitek Smart me LED bulbs, sensors and plugs.

Zigbee 3.0

Requires Link ME (Zigbee Gateway)


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Sense ME - Zigbee motion sensor - Product Image | Marmitek
Sense ME
5.600 Ft

Product description

  • This product requires a Zigbee gateway (sold separately).
  • Use this sensor to activate other Smart me products when motion is detected.
  • Save energy by automatically switching off your Smart me products when no movement is being detected anymore.
  • Receive an alert on your smartphone when movement is detected while you are away.
  • Day & night monitoring.
  • Place anywhere with the magnetic wall mount (included).

Technical specifications

Wireless technology Zigbee 3.0
Range Up to 30 meters in an open space
Power supply Battery CR2450
Standby current < 10µA
Dimensions (h x w x d) 48 x 40 x 40 mm
Type Motion
Detection range 7 meters
Detection angle 70°
Battery life 10,000 motion triggers - 1 year @ 30 per day


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Snel geïnstalleerd

Was ff lastig om open te krijgen maar daarna was de installatie een fluitje van een cent

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      Frequently asked questions

      Why should I buy a Zigbee motion sensor instead of the WiFi motion sensor?

      The WiFi motion sensor does not need a Zigbee gateway or hub. The gateway communicates via your WiFi router. Unfortunately, this is slightly slower than via a Zigbee gateway. The WiFi version is especially suitable for seeing the status of a room (is there movement?). You use the Zigbee version, for example, to switch lamps. The response speed of the WiFi version is approximately 2 to 4 seconds. The Zigbee version switches immediately; no delay.

      What else can I use the Marmitek Zigbee products with?

      Our Smart me app uses the Tuya technology. You can also install our Smart me products in other apps that use the Tuya technology. You can also easily install third-party products with the Tuya logo in the Smart me app.

      What is a Zigbee endpoint?

      A Zigbee endpoint does not pass on the Zigbee signal to other Zigbee products, the signal here. These are usually battery-operated products. If they also have to pass on the Zigbee signal to other Zigbee products, the batteries will be empty very quickly.

      The product is powered by a button cell battery. Does it last as long as stated in the manual?

      Because the Zigbee protocol is very energy efficient, the batteries do indeed last as long as stated in the user manual.

      What is the advantage of the Zigbee products compared to the WiFi products?

      The Zigbee protocol has been specially developed to allow Smart Home products to communicate with each other. It therefore works independently of your WiFi network. With the Link SE, the Zigbee network can be further expanded. This is how Zigbee products also work in places where you don't have WiFi coverage. You can install between 10 and 30 WiFi products on one WiFi router. If you install more, this can cause problems. The Zigbee gateway can handle 128 different Zigbee products. If you use routers (e.g. Linke SE) then there are even more options. The more routers you use, the larger the Zigbee network becomes.

      If I start using a different WiFi router, do I have to install all my Zigbee products again?

      If your new WiFi router gets the same SSID and password as your old WiFi router, everything will continue to work. If that is not the case, you will have to register your WiFi products again. If you have re-registered your Zigbee gateway, all your Zigbee products will work again. So you do not have to register this again.

      Can I also use third-party Zigbee products with the Smart me app?

      You can use all Zigbee products that use the Tuya technology with the Smart me app. You do need the Link ME gateway for this. You can also use the lamps from Philips Hue and Ikea TRÅDFRI with the Smart me app.

      Can I connect my Zigbee products to multiple gateways?

      No, a Zigbee product can only be linked to 1 gateway.
      Need help?

      NEED HELP?

      If you have any questions about our products or our services, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our employees are ready to help you and answer your questions.