Watch footbal in the back garden

Is the weather nice and would you like to watch TV outside, but you don't have a television connection or WiFi range outside? Discover our Wireless HDMI Extender collection now and enjoy every match in razor-sharp quality and without delay. With our HDMI extenders you can easily (temporarily) place your TV under the canopy or on your terrace. Simply send the HDMI signal from your TV decoder wirelessly to a TV in the garden with one of our competitively priced HDMI extenders.

Wireless HDMI in minutes

Connecting an HDMI extender is very easy. Connect the HDMI transmitter to your media box and the HDMI receiver to the TV outside. That's all!

Connect 2 TVs

Do you have a 2nd television to place outside? Then it is possible to watch the same match both indoors and outdoors at the same time. Connect the transmitter to your HDMI source and your TV in the living room. You then connect the receiver to your 2nd TV outside.

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Watch television in the backyard, on your terrace or in the conservatory

With an HDMI extender it is very easy to watch television in the backyard, on your terrace or in the conservatory. Place your television wherever you want without taking into account the available TV connection or WiFi range. Thanks to infrared return, your TV decoder or other connected HDMI equipment always remains operable, even when it is out of sight. So is your TV decoder in the living room and your (2nd) TV (temporarily) at the back of the garden? You can easily switch to another competition or other program from your garden chair. Moreover, there is no delay on the HDMI signal.

Watch at 2 locations at the same time

The transmitters of these HDMI extenders have an extra loop-through output, so you do not lose an HDMI output on your HDMI source. This way you can also connect a (1st) television to the transmitter in addition to the HDMI source. Via this so-called loop connection, you can watch the same football match at two locations in your home at the same time. You don't have to change cables if you want to watch football in the living room one time and under the canopy the other time.

Plug & Play

The TV Anywhere Wireless 4K and TV Anywhere Wireless HD consist of an HDMI sender (transmitter) and an HDMI receiver (receiver). You connect the transmitter to a TV decoder (or other HDMI source). Connect the receiver to the (2nd) TV and the set is ready for wireless HDMI transfer. It's super simple and works right away!