How do I connect a MacBook to a monitor?

MacBook met een USB-C aansluiting - Marmitek

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Does your MacBook have a USB-C connection and would you like to work on a large monitor with an HDMI connection?

This is very easy with a USB-C to HDMI adapter. With a USB-C to HDMI adapter you can easily connect a monitor, television or beamer to your MacBook.

This way you change a USB-C port on your MacBook into an HDMI output. This way you can easily share company presentations, videos, photos or other content on a monitor, TV or beamer.

watch here how to use a USB-C adapter.

Laptop met USB-C aansluiting aangesloten op een beamer met HDMI ingang - Marmitek
Smartphone aangesloten op tv dmv een USB-C naar HDMI adapter - Marmitek

Watching a movie on a television from your MacBook?

Connect your MacBook (with USB-C) to a television with an HDMI cable and enjoy your favorite movie or share your best photos on a television.

Handy if you're traveling and have placed movies on your laptop, for example. You can still play it on a TV without being dependent on a WiFi connection.

Our USB-C Unpleasant HDMI adapter :

  • 4K60
  • HDR & 4:4:4
  • HDMI 2.0b
  • HDCP 1.4/2.2
  • High-quality aluminum housing
  • Flexible Rubber & sturdy cable

Connect USB C to HDMI - USB-C to HDMI adapter

€ 24,99
€ 24,99
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Do you have a monitor with a DVI, VGA or DisplayPort input?

We also have the solution to connect your MacBook to a monitor:

Connect USB C > DVI - USB-C to DVI adapter

€ 24,99
€ 24,99
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Connect USB C > DisplayPort - USB-C to DisplayPort adapter

€ 22,99
€ 22,99
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Connect USB C > VGA - USB-C to VGA adapter

€ 24,99
€ 24,99
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USB-C naar HDMI converter - Marmitek

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