Split 712

Split 712
HDMI splitter 8K - 1 in / 2 out - HDMI 2.1 | 8K60 | 4K120 | HDCP 2.3
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  • HDMI splitter

  • USB power adapter

  • USB-C power cable

  • User manual

Split 712
Split 712
HDMI splitter 8K - 1 in / 2 out - HDMI 2.1 | 8K60 | 4K120 | HDCP 2.3

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€ 99,99
€ 99,99
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With this 8K HDMI splitter you can connect 2 TVs/monitors (8K or 4K) to your TV decoder or game consoles, such as Xbox series X and PlayStation 5. The Split 712 is suitable for Ultra HD 8K60 (7680 x 4320/60Hz) & 4K120 (3840 x 2160/120Hz) resolution, HDR, Deep Color and 4:4:4 chroma colors. Furthermore, this HDMI splitter supports important gaming features such as VRR, ALLM, QMS and QFT. Determine the maximum video resolution on the HDMI output with the EDID switch. The Split 712 supports HDCP 2.3 and has an interference-free and solid metal housing.

Split an HDMI signal to 2 TVs

Supports 8K 60 Hz, 4K 120 Hz


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Split 712 - Product Image - 8K HDMI spliter | Marmitek
Split 712
€ 99,99
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Split 712 - Product Image - 8K HDMI spliter | Marmitek
Split 712
Split 712
HDMI splitter 8K - 1 in / 2 out - HDMI 2.1 | 8K60 | 4K120 | HDCP 2.3

€ 99,99

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Product description


Split your HDMI signal and play it over 2 TVs/projectors

  • Eliminates the need to swap HDMI cables when viewing video content on another display or projector.
  • Suitable for Ultra HD 8K 60 Hz signal (7680 x 4320/60 Hz), Dynamic HDR, Deep Color and 4:4:4 chroma colors.
  • Supports 4K 120 Hz signal from gaming consoles, including Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), Quick Frame Transport (QFT) and Quick Media Switching (QMS).
  • Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and all other common audio formats.
  • With built-in repeater and equalizer to correct any signal loss.
  • Use the downscale function to display videos in the highest possible resolution on all screens.

    This 8K HDMI splitter allows you to connect two TVs/monitors to your gaming consoles, such as the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, or a media box. This is perfect for alternating between gaming on the TV and a large screen or if you want to show a football match on 2 TVs at the same time in a larger room.

    The Split 712, with 4K120 and 8K60 support, is especially suitable for connecting your gaming consoles. This 8K HDMI splitter supports important gaming features such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) for smooth display of frame rates and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) for minimal delay between input and action.

    With the downscale function of this HDMI splitter you can watch 8K content on an 8K television and send the same signal in a lower resolution to a 4K television. This is useful because not all televisions currently support 8K resolution.

    The solid metal housing ensures a stable and interference-free connection.

Technical specifications

AV input 1x HDMI
AV output 2x HDMI
Dimensions (h x w x d) 14 x 90 x 44 mm
Weight 87 grams
Power supply 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 5 VDC adapter
Energy consumption 5 W (max.)
HDMI audio DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital/AC3, DTS 5.1 and PCM stereo
HDTV resolution Max. 8K@60Hz, 4K 120Hz
PC resolution Max. 7680 x 4320 / 60Hz
Video bandwidth 40 Gbps
Clock frequency 600 MHz
HDMI standard HDMI 2.1, CEC, EDID, DVI, Deep Color 36 bit, x.v. Colour
HDCP standard HDCP 2.3/2.2 and 1.4
Color format RGB and YCbCr 4:4:4, 4:2:0 or 4:2:2
Color depth Max. 12 bit


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      Frequently asked questions

      Does the image quality remain the same when using this HDMI splitter?

      When using an HDMI splitter, the video signal will not be damaged. The image quality and color of the output from the source device to the screen remain the same. Remember to use a splitter Buy HDMI that supports the maximum resolution of the source device.

      Both connected screens have a different resolution, what happens to the video resolution?

      When two screens with different resolutions are used, the HDMI splitter ensures that there is an image on the screen To do this the splitter uses 'Extended Display Identification Data' (EDID) to indicate what type of video should be sent by the source device. There are a few modes that can be used: - 'Auto': Automatically detects the highest possible common image resolution and audio format supported by both display devices. - 'Copy': Detects only the image resolution and audio format of the display connected to output 1.

      Can I use 'Expand' mode on my PC with this HDMI splitter?

      HDMI is a protocol that cannot send much information back to the source device. As a result, HDMI splitters can only copy the incoming signal and cannot extend the screens on your PC. In short, all outputs of the HDMI splitter will display the same screen.

      No video is playing on the screen

      If there is no video on the screen or the picture quality is poor, there are a few steps you need to follow to get the installation working. - When setting up the devices, make sure that all cables and devices have the correct HDMI version. - Make sure all devices comply with the same HDCP version. - Try to use HDMI cables with a maximum length of 5 meters. Longer cables may work, but the video signal quality deteriorates rapidly after 5 meters. - Try using a different HDMI port on your display, this may help reset the connection.
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