BoomBoom 76

BoomBoom 76
Bluetooth receiver car - NFC - Portable - Car kit function
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BoomBoom 76
BoomBoom 76
Bluetooth receiver car - NFC - Portable - Car kit function

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The BoomBoom 76 Bluetooth receiver is a high-quality, wireless audio receiver that takes your music experience to a new level. This compact but powerful gadget makes it possible to stream your favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device to a stereo system or car radio. With its compact design, the BoomBoom 76 fits perfectly in any car without taking up much space. In addition, this Bluetooth receiver has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, allowing you to participate in traffic safely and without distraction.


Built-in battery


Car kit function

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BoomBoom 76 - Bluetooth Receiver - Product Image | Marmitek
BoomBoom 76
175,00 zł

Product description


Receive audio from a smartphone on your hi-fi system

  • Suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled sound sources such as iPhone, Android phone, iPad, etc.
  • Works with any audio system or radio/CD player with aux-in, line-in or MP3 link connection.
  • Equipped with battery, for mobile use (for example in the car).
  • Supports aptX for CD quality music

    This compact Bluetooth receiver (music receiver) is ideal for use in your car or when you are having fun with your friends. You can easily stream music from your smartphone/tablet to a sound system. Because the BoomBoom 76 is so small and compact, it is very versatile. For example, use it to forward the sound of YouTube videos that you are watching on your tablet to your sound system. That really sounds much better!

    Thanks to the NFC functionality, the BoomBoom 76 connects immediately when you move your smartphone or tablet past it, provided these devices support NFC. Once the connection is established, the selected music on your smartphone/tablet will be played directly on the sound system. Even if your smartphone does not have NFC, you can still use the BoomBoom 76.

Technical specifications

Audio output 3.5 mm jack stereo
Dimensions (h x w x d) 34.3 x 34.3 x 12.5 mm
Weight 14 grams
Audio Frequency Range 10 Hz - 22 kHz (± 3 dB)
Type 3.7 V 120 mA H Li-on
Standby time Up to 120 hours
Operating time Up to 8 hours
Charging time 2 hours
Power supply USB-C / 5 VDC
Energy saving Automatic shutdown after 5 minutes of no connection
Bluetooth profiles supported A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Bluetooth version V 4.0, class 2
Codec supported SBC
Range Up to 30 meters with class 1 transmitter and up to 10 meters with class 2 transmitter
Audio delay SBC 170 - 240 ms
Pair memory Up to 8 devices


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      Frequently asked questions

      Can I pair multiple devices with my BoomBoom 76?

      The BoomBoom 76 can store up to 8 paired devices. This means that you don't need to pair again with each connection. If a 9th device is paired with the BoomBoom 76, the device that was first paired with the BoomBoom 76 will be removed from memory.

      What drivers do I need if I connect the BoomBoom 76 to my PC via USB connection?

      The USB connection is only for charging the internal rechargeable battery. You can connect to the BoomBoom 76 via the Bluetooth interface of your audio source (this can be, for example, a PC or laptop equipped with a Bluetooth USB dongle, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, an Android phone/tablet, an iPhone/iPad/iMac)

      What drivers do I need if I connect the BoomBoom 76 to my PC via Bluetooth?

      If you connect a Bluetooth dongle to your PC, Windows will recognize it immediately. Only basic functions such as file transfer then work. Drivers are often supplied with a dongle or are available on the manufacturer's website. You also need to install it. The dongle will then recognize the BoomBoom 76 as a Bluetooth headset. Music will then automatically be played through the BoomBoom 76. Even with a PC or laptop with built-in Bluetooth, it may be necessary to install the appropriate drivers to enable music transfer.

      There is no sound from my audio system.

      Make sure the audio cable is properly connected (AUX IN), the correct input is selected on your audio system, and the volume of your audio system is set to the desired level.

      I cannot pair my BoomBoom 76.

      Please note the following:
      • Make sure the battery is charged.
      • Make sure the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone is enabled (refer to your mobile phone manual for reference).
      • Ensure that the distance between your mobile phone and the BoomBoom 76 does not exceed 10 meters and there are no major obstacles between the two.
      If this still doesn't work, try the following:
      • Make sure the BoomBoom 76 is turned off and the power adapter is unplugged.
      • Now press and hold the multifunction button (3) of the BoomBoom 76.
      • First, a blue LED will blink, and a few seconds later, it will blink blue and red.
      • Now release the button separately.
      • See if you can now connect to your Bluetooth device.

      Can I adjust the bass and treble when playing with the BoomBoom 76?

      On Windows PCs, you can often click on the sound control icon in the taskbar to adjust the high and low tones. However, this depends on the type of sound card installed on the PC. The widely used VLC Media Player also has a built-in Equalizer. Make sure you are playing music with the VLC Media Player, then go to Tools > Effects and Filters and choose Audio Effects. On a smartphone or tablet, this depends heavily on the app used to play music. There are, for example, MP3 apps that have a built-in equalizer, with which you can even select preset frequency settings such as Bass & Treble Boost. There are also Equalizer apps available. This allows you to get the most out of the music or audio from your phone or tablet and create a personal sound experience.

      What is SBC?

      With SBC (Low Complexity Subband Coding), it is possible to listen to wireless audio with reasonably good sound quality. SBC is the standard method of sending audio via Bluetooth.

      What is aptX?

      The aptX® audio compression solution preserves the full integrity of the original digital audio and is optimized for instant real-time audio streaming. The suite of algorithms has built a reputation for the highest audio quality, extremely low latency, and strong bit error resilience, and has proven itself in wireless broadcast stations and professional live performance audio applications.
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      NEED HELP?

      If you have any questions about our products or our services, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our employees are ready to help you and answer your questions.