Buzz LO

Buzz LO
Doorbell camera with motion sensor - 1080p - ONVIF
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Buzz LO
Buzz LO
Doorbell camera with motion sensor - 1080p - ONVIF

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This doorbell camera and motion detector is easy to connect to the wiring of your current doorbell and is guaranteed to work with your current gong. The Smart me app notifies you when someone rings the doorbell, shows you who is at the door and allows you to talk to each other using the intercom function. Images can be stored on an SD card. You only need a Wi-Fi network and the Smart me app to connect the doorbell.

Wifi 2.4 GHz

No gateway needed

1 app

Create scenarios

No subscription needed

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Buzz LO - Doorbell camera - Product Image | Marmitek
Buzz LO
394,00 zł
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Buzz LO - Doorbell camera - Product Image | Marmitek
Buzz LO
Buzz LO
Doorbell camera with motion sensor - 1080p - ONVIF

394,00 zł

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Product description

Wherever you are, make contact with everyone at your doorstep

The Buzz LO is a doorbell camera with motion detector and intercom. See, hear and speak to anyone ringing your doorbell. Download the Smart me app, quickly register the Buzz LO and you're ready to go.

Easy installation, using existing wiring

This versatile doorbell connects easily to the existing wiring of your current doorbell. No cables to pull, no transformer to install and no hub to buy. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi network and your smartphone or tablet.

Use your existing doorbell

If someone rings the doorbell, you will be notified in the app and the doorbell inside will ring using the existing bell. This is because the Buzz LO can also be connected to the existing inside doorbell.

You can even connect an additional wireless doorbell, allowing you to clearly hear the doorbell in the garden or loft. This additional doorbell, the Bell ME, is available in white and can only be connected to the Buzz LO doorbell camera.

Hear your doorbell ringing anytime, anywhere

  • Receive a push notification on your phone.
  • Use the Buzz LO in combination with your existing doorbell.
  • Place a Bell ME in the garden, loft or practice room.

No subscription required
You do not need a monthly subscription to use the Buzz LO. In the Smart me app, you can take screenshots and videos and store them, for example, on your smartphone or tablet.

Start recording automatically when someone rings the doorbell or movement is detected at the front door. The videos are stored on an SD card (max 128 GB, not included).

Do you want to subscribe to a cloud service? This can be done for € 3 per month.

The Buzz LO will often be used overlooking a public road. By minimizing the sensitivity of the motion detector, it will only start recording people approaching your front door. Don't retain recordings for too long. This way, the storage capacity of the SD card will be sufficient and the privacy of third parties will not be compromised.

Somebody at the door? Lights on!
Use the Buzz LO in combination with the smart LED lamps from our Smart me range. In the Smart me app, you can easily arrange for the lamp in the hallway to go on if someone presses the doorbell or if movement is detected in front of the doorbell.

Discover our wide range of smart home products
The doorbell camera and motion detector is part of our Smart me range. This extensive range of smart home products communicates with each other via Wi-Fi. You operate and connect these products in the Smart me app.

Most products are plug & play and you don't need a hub or software to make your home smart. This enables you to quickly create a safe and comfortable environment for you and your family.

Every family member with a smartphone and access to the Smart me app can operate the Smart me range.

Technical specifications

Wireless technology Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Power supply 8 - 16 VAC 50 Hz (adapter not included)
Standby consumption < 1.5 W
Ambient temperature -20 °C to 50 °C
Dimensions (H x W x D) 115 x 45 x 28mm
Video Resolution 1080p
Detection Angle 145°
Compression H.264
Bandwidth 32 kbit/s ~ 2 Mbit/s
Night Vision Infrared Distance up to 5m
Audio Two-Way Talk
IP rating IP54
SD card slot Up to 128 GB (SD card not included)


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Betrouwbaar, makkelijk te installeren en veel mogelijkheden.

Werkt prima. Eigen voeding, dus geen gedoe met lege batterijen.
Je sluit hem aan op de bestaande bedrading van de oude voordeur bel. Prima setje. Ook je eigen bel/gong blijft werken. Extra draadloze bel/gong is bij te bestellen, maar hadden wij niet nodig. Je kunt het beeld niet alleen op je telefoon / tablet bekijken, maar ook op je PC (via VLC mediaplayer) Handig!
Met een 126GB SD kaartje blijk je weken of zelfs maanden terug te kunnen kijken zonder abonnementskosten.

Er zit geen abonnement aan gekoppeld!!

Er zit geen abonnement aan gekoppeld!!

Slimme deurbel met handige functies

De app is gebruiksvriendelijk en ik kan de deurbel vanaf mijn smartphone bedienen.

Jessica K
Veiligheid en gemak in één

ik kan direct met die persoon communiceren via de ingebouwde microfoon

Emily R.
handige functies

Een innovatieve toevoeging aan mijn huis!

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