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Use an IR extender if you want to operate equipment in a closed cabinet, another room or at a great distance. Place all your equipment neatly out of sight and operate it with your existing remote control. Guaranteed to work with all IR-operated equipment. The signal even passes through walls and ceilings.

We have a very extensive range of infrared extenders. Looking for a solution that works with any TV decoder? Or do you want to control equipment in another room or even from a distance of 300 metres? Read more>>

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What is an IR extender?

An IR extender is a smart solution that makes it possible to operate your audio and video devices, such as a TV decoder, Blu-ray player or AV amplifier, even if they are behind closed cupboard doors or in another room. With the help of this technology you can control your devices remotely without having to have sight of the devices. This way you maintain a tidy and stylish interior, while still retaining full control over your entertainment system.

How does an IR extender work?

With these products you can extend the infrared (IR) signal of your remote control. This allows you to easily operate equipment in a closed cabinet or in another room.

A set usually consists of a mini IR receiver, a module and an IR transmitter. You aim your remote control at the IR receiver which is connected to the module in the cabinet. The module sends the signal to the IR transmitter. This IR transmitter will then operate your equipment.

There are also IR extenders where the IR receiver and the module are in one box. So this is not a mini IR receiver, a small box remains visible. The operation is otherwise the same.

A solution for every situation

Our range has different types of products for operating your equipment:

  • inside a closed cabinet;
  • in another room;
  • at a large distance;
  • behind a TV.

There are various options for operating equipment inside a closed cabinet. You may, for example, place the IR receiver almost completely hidden from view or choose a basic model where the IR receiver is placed in view, in the form of a small box.

Depending on the model, you can place and operate up to 8 devices behind a closed door. This depends, among others, on the use of emitter LEDs or blaster LEDs.

IR emitter LED

An emitter LED is an LED that you must stick on or near the infrared eye of the device you wish to operate. This infrared eye is located on the front of your device. If the eye is hard to find, you can shine a light at the front of your device.

You will then easily find the infrared eye. On each device you want to operate, stick an emitter LED on or directly near the infrared eye.

IR control 10 Invisible Control 6 Invisible Control 4 Invisible Control 2

IR blaster LED

A blaster LED is an LED that, unlike an emitter LED, you don't have to attach to the sometimes difficult to find infrared eye of the equipment you want to operate. You put this blaster LED inside a compartment of a cabinet that contains your equipment. The blaster LED ensures that all devices in the line of sight can be operated.

You only need 1 blaster LED for 4 devices inside one compartment. There's no need to attach a separate emitter LED to each device. Convenient! Using an IR extender with blaster enables you to operate up to 8 or more devices that are placed hidden from view.

If you want to operate equipment that is placed in another room, a wireless IR extender is a good solution. You place your TV in the living room and your equipment in an adjacent room, or even in the meter cupboard. 

This is also an ideal solution if your TV is attached to a wall bracket. In that case, you don't have to place your equipment directly next to your TV and you don't have an extra cable in view.

This type does not use emitter LEDs. You place the IR transmitter next to the equipment you want to operate, and can thus operate all equipment in the line of sight.

If you install one or more displays in a shop, gym or waiting room, you want to be able to operate them from an office or another room. If operating the equipment is not easy, we offer solutions to operate devices from up to a distance of 300 metres. This allows you to determine, from your office, what people will be viewing on the cross trainer or in the waiting room.

With this type you can choose between blaster LEDs or emitter LEDs.

IR Control 10 XTRA11 XTRA (blaster LEDs) and IR Control 10 (emitter LEDs)

Even though the Apple TV is just a small device, there is now also the possibility to hide it neatly behind your TV. This provides you with a very compact solution for operation from up to 1 metre. You will use the TV's USB power supply and prevent wires and boxes from being visible.

With the IR 100 USB, you'll only have a mini receiver on the bezel of the TV, making it hardly noticeable. Connect, tidy, done.

Advantages of a Marmitek IR extender

  • Works through walls and cabinet doors: With our infrared extenders you can operate your AV devices, even if they are behind closed cabinet doors or in another room. This means that you can neatly hide your devices without sacrificing functionality.
  • Suitable for almost all AV devices: The Mamritek infrared extender is compatible with almost all audio and video devices that use an infrared remote control. This means that you can operate multiple devices with one set, regardless of the brand or type.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the infrared extender is very easy and can be completed in minutes. You place the IR receiver in your living room, connect the IR transmitter to the IR module and then place the IR transmitter in the cabinet.
  • No Interference: The infrared extender uses advanced technology to ensure there is no interference with other devices in your home. This way you always have reliable and trouble-free operation.
  • Compact and unobtrusive design: Marmitek's infrared extenders are designed for unobtrusive integration into your interior. The IR receiver is usually compact and is easily concealed and the extension cables are thin and flexible.

Unique range of IR extenders

We made a name for ourselves with our extensive range of IR extenders. We introduced our first product to the market in 1996. Since then, we have constantly added to our range in order to be able to offer a solution for every problem.

Our products are easy to connect and work with virtually any decoder.

Marmitek IR extenders are available starting at € 39.99.

The Invisible Control 6 XTRA is the absolute favourite of our satisfied customers: Operate an unlimited number of devices inside a closed cabinet for as little as € 49.99. It always works!

Your equipment hidden from view, isn't that what you want? Take care of it today!

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