All our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality requirements.

Warranty terms

Marmitek provides a warranty on its products for 24 months after purchase. When, within this warranty period, the Marmitek product is defective due to materials or workmanship, you can offer the product for repair to the Marmitek retailer where you purchased the product.

Provided that the product was used as intended, and that it was properly handled in accordance with the product's usage instructions, any defective parts will be repaired or replaced by Marmitek, without any costs for the parts. Either new or refurbished products or parts may be used during the repair.

The principle is that, after the repair or exchange, the product will be returned to you in the same state of repair as you left the product with the reseller.

All replaced parts and components will become the property of Marmitek. Following a repair or replacement, the warranty period remains valid from the original purchase date.

Your warranty claim

When there is a defective product under warranty, please return the product + your proof of purchase to the point of purchase. Returns takes place under the conditions as set by the respective reseller. If the product is repaired by the Marmitek repair service, a maximum repair period of three weeks applies.

Authorised dealers

In cases where the product was purchased from a Marmitek authorized dealer, an additional warranty condition  applies, in the event that proper assistance is no longer possible. An authorised dealer has been selected by Marmitek based on a number of qualitative criteria that ensure that the customer will be helped in the best possible way. These Marmitek authorised dealers offer a current range, comprehensive knowledge, excellent service and a secure payment environment. Authorised dealers can be found on the Marmitek website

In the event of bankruptcy or in the event that the Marmitek authorised dealer fails, for any reason, to handle a warranty case, Marmitek will instead handle the warranty claim settlement.

Expired warranty

We have replacement parts in stock for many products. Ask your Marmitek dealer or send an email to support@marmitek.com

Online purchases via Marmitek.com

A warranty period of 24 months applies to all products purchased through Marmitek.com. In this case, handling  will be handled directly by Marmitek itself.