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Smart power strip

Use a smart power strip to make your 'non-smart' devices 'smart'. With the help of the Smart me app, you can turn this smart socket into a timer. Devices connected to a smart socket then switch on or off automatically when you want. This way you can easily make 'non-smart' devices such as a fan, coffee maker or Christmas lights smart. Devices are never left on for too long, so you save a lot on your energy bill. A smart power strip can be combined with our Smart me Zigbee products. PLEASE NOTE: In combination with a Smart me Zigbee product, the Link ME (Zigbee gateway) is always required.

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How do I use a Smart me
smart power strip?

This is very simple. Follow the following steps:

  • Download the Smart me app on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Register the Power LI in the Smart me app.

That's all!

See below how to install a smart power strip. 

Set timers

Make optimal use of the possibilities of a smart power
strip. You set timers or other conditions in the Smart me app. You can do this,
if desired, for every smart power strip that you have registered.

In the winter, at sunset, turn on the electric
fireplace. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or warm toast as soon as you get up in
the morning. Everything is possible!

Energy saving

Using a smart power strip ensures that you save a lot
on your energy bill. Don't always leave your TV in standby mode and really turn
it off. Charge a smartphone or tablet at night and make sure the smart plug
switches off automatically at 02:00. Did you know that you can save more than €
80 per year by completely turning off appliances?

The Power LI can also be operated remotely via
the Smart me app. So you can stop the power supply anytime and anywhere
via this app if you have forgotten to do so. Even when you are not at home.
This way you never use more energy than necessary.

A smart power strip is guaranteed to pay for itself! 

Energy meter

The Power LI has a built-in energy meter. This
allows you to measure and monitor energy consumption. Is your old freezer
really in need of replacement? Or are you just curious about how much your home
theater consumes during a movie night? You can see it all in the Smart me

Switch equipment on or off
at once

You can connect a maximum of 4 electronic devices to a
smart power strip. On top of this, it is still possible to connect 4 USB
devices. You operate sockets with the push of a button in the Smart me app or
manually. The AV sockets can also be switched separately.

voice control

Activate Smart me products and scenarios with your
voice. Our smart power strip works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple
Siri. Use one of these voice assistants to operate our Smart me products. You
no longer need a smartphone. Just put your Amazon Echo, Google Nest or Apple
Watch to work! 

Manually operable

No matter how simple operation with a smartphone or
tablet is, sometimes you just want to operate equipment manually. Our smart
power strip has an on/off button that allows manual switching. 

Overvoltage protection

The Power LI is equipped with overvoltage
protection. This means that your equipment is protected against voltage peaks.
A voltage peak, for example a lightning strike, can destroy your (often)
expensive electronic equipment such as a computer, espresso machine, network
hard drive or 4K TV.

Use the Power LI and you can be sure that your
equipment is safe when lightning strikes. 

Power failure

Do you want your freezer to switch on automatically
after a power failure? Or that you have WiFi everywhere in the house again?
This is not obvious if you use a smart power strip. With the Power LI it is!

The Power LI reboots to the last state in case
of power failure. Make sure that your frozen stock does not thaw and that you
can immediately use the internet everywhere in the house. 

Advantages smart power

  • Make 'non-smart' devices smart.
  • Control up to 8 devices remotely with your
  • Turn equipment on or off automatically.
  • Save energy.
  • Overvoltage protection.
  • Reboot to last status.
  • Built-in energy meter.
  • Voice control.
  • Also manually operable.

Attractively priced

The smart power strip is available for € 59.99. When
you connect 4 AV devices smartly to this smart power strip, you will earn back
this investment in a year, guaranteed. Start making your equipment smart
today and save energy.

Can't figure it out?
We are happy to help you!

If you have any questions about our products or our services, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our employees are ready to help you and answer your questions.