BoomBoom 55 HD

BoomBoom 55 HD
Bluetooth transmitter - AptX Low Latency - AptX HD
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BoomBoom 55 HD
BoomBoom 55 HD
Bluetooth transmitter - AptX Low Latency - AptX HD

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€ 59,99
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With this Bluetooth transmitter TV, stream the sound of a TV, wirelessly and without delay, to up to 2 Bluetooth headphones. With the BoomBoom 55 HD you stream sound from a TV that does not have Bluetooth to Bluetooth headphones. Thanks to the aptX HD, aptX Adaptive and aptX Low Latency technologies, the BoomBoom 55 HD provides an unparalleled sound experience without delay. The device is particularly user-friendly and can be connected to two Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers at the same time. Ideal when you are working at home and the children are watching television or playing games. The Marmitek BoomBoom 55 HD is compact and therefore easy to place behind your TV.

AptX Low Latency, aptX, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive

Connect 2 headphones at the same time

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BoomBoom 55 HD - Bluetooth Transmitter - Product Image | Marmitek
BoomBoom 55 HD
€ 59,99
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BoomBoom 55 HD - Bluetooth Transmitter - Product Image | Marmitek
BoomBoom 55 HD
BoomBoom 55 HD
Bluetooth transmitter - AptX Low Latency - AptX HD

€ 59,99

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Product description


Stream your TV's digital sound to up to two Bluetooth headsets.

  • Listen to music or TV on your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Enjoy your favourite TV show or music, without bothering anyone.
  • Features digital audio inputs and aptX technology for a superior music experience.
  • The best solution for listening to your TV: no noticeable lag between image and sound, thanks to the latest aptX Low Latency technology.
  • Unique ability to use 2 headphones at the same time.


The BoomBoom 55 HD is a Bluetooth transmitter that wirelessly streams the sound from a TV to, for example, a Bluetooth headphone.

The BoomBoom 55 HD features digital audio inputs and aptX Low Latency technology. This ensures an excellent sound experience. The aptX Low Latency technology ensures that there is no delay between the picture you see on the TV and the sound you hear through the headphones.

An added feature of this model is the ability to send sound to 2 headphones simultaneously.

  • For the best result, also use headphones with aptX Low Latency technology.

Technical specifications

Audio input 3.5 mm stereo jack, coaxial digital stereo, Toslink digital stereo
Dimensions (h x w x d) 15 x 59 x 56 mm
Weight 35 grams
Power supply USB-C / 5 VDC
Supported Bluetooth profiles A2DP
Bluetooth version V 5.2
Supported codec AptX Low Latency, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive, aptX, SBC
Range Up to 10 meters
Pairing memory Up to 8 devices


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
G.J.A.M. Janssen
Goed ding

Hij doet wat het moet doen. Analoog geluid naar een bluetooth signaal omzetten.

Unnötiger Kauf

Smart tv unterstützt 2 Bluetooth Geräte gleichzeitig. Also unnötig und funktioniert bei mir auch nicht … Warte seit 2 Tagen auf das Rücksendelable. Bin gespannt ob das Geld erstattet wird !

Jan van Tartwijk
Prima Bluetooth zender!

De BoomBoom 55 HD bevalt zeer goed. Paring verloopt telkens probleemloos met mijn Sony hoofdtelefoon. Absoluut geen vertraging merkbaar en geen ruis of ander storende geluiden hoorbaar. Kortom dit produkt is een aanrader en ben dus zeer tevreden.

peter braspenning
Doet wat ie moet doen.

Strekker in het stopcontact en hij doet het. Latency is soms een probleem, bij de headset die ik gebruik is dat vaker een probleem. Doos met voedingen, goed dat die er niet bij zat.

Liesbeth Bonnemayer
Let op: werkt niet op alle tv's!!

Op Samsung 32T5300 werd weliswaar de Bluetooth verbinding gemaakt, maar er kwam geen geluid uit de verbonden koptelefoon en speakers. Er zat op de tv geen audio aansluiting. Daarom digitale kabel aangesloten. Maar dus geen geluid.
TV ingeruild voor een tv met audio aansluitmogelijkheid. De bij de BoomBoom 55 meegeleverde audiokabel gebruikt: nu zowel verbinding èn geluid!!
Geweldig groot compliment voor de telefonische ondersteuning van de techniek en de sales van Marmitek!!

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      Frequently asked questions

      Can I pair multiple devices with my BoomBoom 55 HD?

      The BoomBoom 55 HD can remember up to 8 paired devices. Therefore, it is not necessary to pair again with each connection. If a 9th device is paired with the BoomBoom 55 HD, the device that was first paired with the BoomBoom will be erased from memory.

      Can I use the BoomBoom 55 HD only with headphones?

      No, you can use the BoomBoom 55 HD with any Bluetooth device that can output audio. So, for example, a Bluetooth speaker or a Marmitek Bluetooth audio adapter. If this is connected to your sound system, you can choose whether you want to hear the sound via the sound system and/or your headphones, or through the TV speakers.

      Does the BoomBoom 55 HD have aptX Low Latency?

      Yes, the BoomBoom 55 HD has aptX Low Latency. Only if both the transmitter and the receiver have aptX Low Latency® will lip sync problems be prevented. This means that you won't notice any noticeable difference between the picture you see on TV and the accompanying sound.

      Can I pair a Bluetooth device with aptX Low Latency and a second device with aptX Low Latency?

      Yes, you can. If two devices are paired, aptX Low Latency can also be used. Please note that the range is shorter when using 2 connections.

      I can't pair my BoomBoom 55 HD

      Pay attention to the following: Ensure that the BoomBoom 55 HD is powered and press and hold the pairing button (3) until the LED starts blinking rapidly blue. Make sure your headphones are in pairing mode (see the manual for your headphones). Make sure the distance between your headphones and the BoomBoom 55 HD is not too large and there are no large obstacles between them. Make sure, if you want the largest possible range, that your BoomBoom 55 HD is visible and the built-in antenna is not placed near large metal objects.

      My BoomBoom 55 HD is paired, but I don't hear anything.

      Make sure that: The LED on the BoomBoom 55 HD is continuously lit. The audio cable is properly connected. The BoomBoom 55 HD is connected to the correct audio output. The volume of your audio source is set to a comfortable listening level. The BoomBoom 55 HD is paired with the correct headphones. Or: Put the BoomBoom 55 HD and your Bluetooth receiver back into pairing mode.

      I can no longer automatically connect to my headphones.

      If you no longer automatically connect to your headphones, press and hold the pairing button (the BoomBoom 55 HD will then enter pairing mode again) and put the headphones in pairing mode.

      I can't pair a second Bluetooth device.

      If you want to pair 2 Bluetooth receivers with the BoomBoom 55 HD, check if the Bluetooth version of these devices is 3.0 or higher. Then follow the instructions to pair them. If the following happens: After putting a 2nd receiver in pairing mode and pressing the pairing button of the BoomBoom 55 HD once, the sound stops on the first receiver. After a few minutes, you only hear sound on one of the receivers. What to do? Turn off both receivers and the BoomBoom 55 HD. Turn on the BoomBoom 55 HD and then both receivers again and see if they now automatically connect. If this still doesn't work after 3 minutes, press and hold the pairing button of the BoomBoom 55 HD and see if the connection now wants to succeed automatically.

      When I watch TV, the sound doesn't sync with the picture.

      When wirelessly transmitting audio via Bluetooth, there may indeed be some delay (latency). In most cases, this latency is not disturbing. If you use a media box (decoder) to watch TV, connect the BoomBoom 55 HD to the audio output of your media box. This ensures a lower latency. The BoomBoom 55 HD also supports aptX Low Latency technology. To use this, your Bluetooth headphones must also have this technology. With an aptX Low Latency connection, the LED will be green.

      There is a hum or interference in the sound.

      If you do not provide the BoomBoom 55 HD with a power adapter, but instead connect it to the USB port of your sound system, this can sometimes cause a hum, because a ground loop is created. In that case, use the USB power adapter. Also, a USB connection from, for example, a PC as power can cause interference.

      What is SBC?

      With SBC (Low Complexity Subband Coding), it is possible to listen to wireless audio with reasonably good sound quality. SBC is the standard way to transmit audio via Bluetooth.

      What is aptX?

      The aptX® audio compression solution maintains the full integrity of the original digital audio and is optimized for instant real-time audio streaming. The suite of algorithms has built a reputation for the highest audio quality, extremely low latency, and strong resilience to bit errors, and has proven itself in wireless transmission stations and professional live performance applications.

      What is aptX Low Latency?

      AptX Low Latency provides a very short audio delay of less than 40 ms. In a regular Bluetooth connection, this is more than 100 ms. Both the transmitter and the receiver must have aptX Low Latency to use this.

      What is aptX HD?

      AptX HD goes beyond aptX and supports music in a 24-bit/48kHz quality. The high sound quality is guaranteed during transmission, and sounds better than a CD.

      What is aptX Adaptive?

      As the name suggests, aptX Adaptive is a codec that can be adapted. Instead of being set to a locked bitrate like aptX (classic), Low Latency and aptX HD, this version of the codec dynamically scales the bitrate to adjust the quality. The codec also includes aptX Low Latency technology by allowing it to work with a shared, rather than a specific, wireless antenna. The codec supports playing audio files with 16 and 24-bit depths at 44.1 and 48kHz sample rates. The latency of the algorithm has also been reduced to less than 2 ms at 48 kHz, with a system round trip somewhere between 50 and 80 ms, depending on the implementation. This is not as fast as the sub-40ms speed of Low Latency, but should be virtually imperceptible. Other codecs can reach a latency of more than 200 ms.
      Need help?

      NEED HELP?

      If you have any questions about our products or our services, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our employees are ready to help you and answer your questions.