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Business Traveller   | January 2022

Marmitek has been making life easier for its customers for more than two decades. Since 1996, the Dutch company has been helping consumers with smart solutions for all audio and visual problems.

Founded as an attic room company in Eindhoven, Marmitek has continued to grow steadily in recent years. In 2017, the company became part of the Vogel's Group; the market leader in the field of mounting and suspension systems for TVs and other audiovisual equipment. Westland: 'At the family business Vogel's we saw the same opportunities and customers as at Marmitek, so that the companies certainly strengthen each other through this collaboration. We go hand in hand in business, but Marmitek is independent within the group. Logistics, warehousing and quality are all done in-house. We also do product development ourselves, so we have products that fit in well with the Vogel's range, but also products, such as our USB-C adapters and wireless presentation solutions, that are somewhat further removed. We make our own choices in this regard, so that we can offer our customers optimal viewing and listening pleasure.'


Marmitek has grown with products that have everything to do with watching TV and video in and around the house. That started with infrared extenders and bluetooth transmitters. The essence of Marmitek is to ensure that you can connect all your devices anywhere. Van der Avoird: "Our products are universal and not brand-specific. On the one hand, we have products that solve a specific problem, such as an old Nintendo with scart cable, connecting to an OLED screen that only has HDMI ports. Getting rid of equipment that you can still operate with a remote control. But also solve the problem if you have three HDMI devices and only one HDMI port. In the stores where our products are available, the sales staff know that if customers come up with these kinds of problems, the solution lies on the Marmitek shelf. On the other hand, we have products to get more out of your existing equipment. For example, with our bluetooth transmitter you can listen to the sound of your TV wirelessly, with several headphones at the same time.


The corona crisis has also affected developments in recent months provided within the company. Westland: 'What we really learned from this is that we have definitively said goodbye to working nine to five in the office. We assume that in most functions that will not come back either. We see more and more dynamic working at home, at the office and while traveling. You must be able to connect your laptop or possibly give a presentation everywhere. Solving this problem also fits well with the DNA of our company, but it is not a question of adding a product to the Marmitek shelf in the store. We specifically looked at the target group for this problem and focused our product on that.' Marmitek has launched several products, including the Stream S1 Pro. This product is a 'wireless' HDMI cable that you use if you want to connect a laptop or PC wirelessly to a screen or projector. Ideal for when you travel often and want to be able to present everywhere. This 'plug and play' product consists of two sticks, one for your laptop and one for a TV or beamer (a USB-C > HDMI adapter is included for MacBooks and Chromebooks). No more hassle with cables and also works without an app, software or WiFi connection. In addition, the product is also affordable.


Marmitek is internationally active with several product categories for different target groups. For example, the company focuses on consumer electronics and retail chains, e-commerce and DIY (Do-It-Yourself). There are differences per country to see which products are sold a lot. In Germany, the scart to HDMI solution is still very popular, while many Smart Home products are sold in Scandinavia. Products such as the Stream S1 Pro, aimed at the business traveler, are opening new doors at airport electronics stores, among others. In this way, Marmitek continues to innovate and create new sales channels. In recent months, a shift has also been seen in the Netherlands to more Smart Home products to better organize the home office. Van der Avoird: 'During the crisis, we see a boost in tackling the home office through hybrid working, but also in renovating the house and garden. Consumers have recently spent more on new TV and audio equipment, as a result of which our products were also sold more.”


Marmitek does not have a specific competitor that does exactly the same. There are competitors that specialize in a certain product or product group, but there is no company that has such a wide range. The company ensures that it constantly innovates in products and keeps up with the latest techniques. Marmitek is a pioneer in the field of new technologies, so the company will soon be one of the first with 8K HDMI accessories. In addition, take

  the company also does not say goodbye to old technologies, because many consumers still use them. Westland: ‘If we do something with old technology, we make sure it is a quality product. There is always someone cheaper and we certainly do not have the ambition to always be the cheapest, but we are affordable and have a product that always works. Quality is our top priority. We want you to trust that our products are reliable. No 'ifs' and 'buts' it just has to work, and keep working. All our products meet extremely strict quality requirements. They undergo extensive testing to ensure optimal operation. In addition, we carefully choose our partners and we are located in reliable stores such as Expert, BCC and Electro World.”


In addition to smart solution-oriented products, the company also has a range of Smart Home products. In recent years, the major tech giants have opened up this market to consumers with smart lighting, doorbells, plugs and cameras. Marmitek has cleverly stepped in with affordable entry-level models, making the products interesting for a broad target group. Westland: 'The big boys have opened up the market, but we should certainly not distance ourselves from that, on the contrary. We have to keep up with that technology, so our products can all be operated with the smart assistant from Google, Apple and Amazon. Our Smart Home products are selling well through our webshop and we also see that consumers who have purchased a product from this category continue to expand their range. Once they have experienced the convenience of these products, they would like to equip their entire home with them.'


As mentioned earlier, technological development never stands still. A good example of this is USB Type-C; a connection that you encounter more and more on mobile devices. Marmitek also has a whole line of products for this type of connection. With a USB-C adapter you can connect a MacBook, Chromebook or laptop with only a USB-C connection to a TV, monitor or beamer with an HDMI, DVI, VGA or DisplayPort input. Connect your USB-C device to a wired network (LAN) or charge your phone in a new car. Over the past 25 years, Marmitek has bridged the gap from existing to new, from analog to digital, from wired to wireless and from 'dumb' to 'smart'. They will continue to do so for the next 25 years. It is not for nothing that their slogan is 'stay connected'.

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