TV Anywhere Wireless 4K

TV Anywhere Wireless 4K
Wireless HDMI extender 4K60
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Always included

  • HDMI transmitter 4K

  • HDMI receiver 4K

  • IR emitter cable | 150 cm

  • Micro-USB to USB cable | 80 cm

  • 2x 4K HDMI cable | 150 cm

  • 2x Power adapter

  • User manual

TV Anywhere Wireless 4K
TV Anywhere Wireless 4K
Wireless HDMI extender 4K60

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€ 329,99
€ 329,99 € 329,99
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With the TV Anywhere Wireless 4K you can enjoy wireless HDMI within mere seconds. This wireless HDMI extender offers wireless HDMI (4K) from, for example, a TV decoder to a TV or projector. The signal even goes 50 metres through ceilings and walls without any loss of quality, interference or noticeable delay. Watch TV anywhere in and around your house without having a television connection at that specific location and place your TV wherever you want. No need to pull cables anymore!

4K60 Ultra HD Wireless, up to 50m

Range - Entire House

Loopthrough Function

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TV Anywhere Wireless 4K - Product Image | Marmitek
TV Anywhere Wireless 4K
€ 329,99
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TV Anywhere Wireless 4K - Product Image | Marmitek
TV Anywhere Wireless 4K
TV Anywhere Wireless 4K
Wireless HDMI extender 4K60

€ 329,99

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Product description

  • Watch TV anywhere in your home, without laying any cabling!
  • Wireless HDMI signal transfer (up to 50m) through walls and ceilings without quality loss or noticeable lag.
  • Supports video resolutions up to 4K60 (Ultra HD).
  • Watch your favourite TV programmes or films from your decoder, media center PC or Blu-ray player in Ultra HD quality on a 2nd TV/projector anywhere in the home.
  • Operate your AV equipment remotely using the infrared return feature.
  • Connect your keyboard and mouse to the receiver to control your PC remotely.
  • Loopthrough enables you to watch the same content at two locations simultaneously.

Technical specifications

Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5V DC adapter
Audio formats PCM stereo
Output 1x HDMI
Infrared input Built-in IR sensor
USB input 2x USB-A (mouse, keyboard)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 22 x 155 x 77 mm
Weight 320 grams
Operating Frequency 5 GHz
Operating Range Up to 200 meters LOS (Line Of Sight), up to 50 meters through walls and ceilings
Latency <100 ms
Infrared Frequency Range 30 - 60 kHz
Video Compression H.265
AV input 1x HDMI
AV output 1x HDMI (loop-through)
Infrared output 1x 3.5 mm connection
USB output 1x Micro-USB (PC, laptop)
Dimensions (h x w x d) 22 x 155 x 77 mm
Weight 320 grams
Video Resolutions 2160p@50/60Hz (4K), 1080p (Full HD), 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
PC Resolutions Max. 3840 x 2160


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jean-Pierre DUBOIS
Produit parfait 4K

Produit parfait pour mon usage, transmission de signal de décodeur dans une autre pièce à une distance de 5 mètres à travers une cloison, ne chauffa pas trop, je recommande vivement.

Jessica K
Geweldige draadloze oplossing voor 4K streaming

De installatie was eenvoudig en de verbinding blijft stabiel, zelfs door muren heen.

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      Frequently asked questions

      No (or poor) image and sound on TV or projector

      • Ensure that the ON/OFF switches at the back of the transmitter and receiver are in the ''ON'' position.
      • Ensure that all HDMI cables are connected properly or replace them.
      • Ensure that the HDMI source is turned ON and the correct HDMI input is selected on the TV.
      • Ensure that the HDMI source is set to a correct video resolution. If necessary, consult the user manual of your HDMI source.
      • Disconnect the power adapters from the wall socket and reconnect them to reboot the TV Anywhere Wireless 4K.

      No or bad connection between the 4K transmitter and 4K receiver

      • Move the 4K transmitter and/or the 4K receiver from the immediate vicinity of the connected HDMI sources and Wi-Fi equipment. These may affect the range.
      • Slightly adjusting the position of the 4K transmitter and/or 4K receiver may already help out.
      • Too much distance between 4K transmitter and 4K receiver. Try using shorter distances.

      I do have picture, but no (or bad) sound

      • The TV Anywhere Wireless 4K supports up to 2CH PCM stereo.
      • Check the audio setting in the settings menu of the connected HDMI source and manually set it to 2CH PCM stereo when the automatic setting does not work.

      The IR return function is not working

      • Ensure that the IR LED is properly plugged in.
      • Experiment with the location of the IR receiver and IR led cable.
      • The IR receiver has a reception sensitivity of max. 10 metres.
      • The range is also dependent on the remote control used.
      Need help?

      NEED HELP?

      If you have any questions about our products or our services, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our employees are ready to help you and answer your questions.