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Looking for a presentation system to connect several laptops (up to 20) wirelessly to a screen at the same time? Then look no further. With the Stream S2 Pro, 'the wireless presentation system', you can stream Full HD content from a laptop, tablet or smartphone to a screen. By making displays accessible wirelessly to multiple simultaneous participants, information is shared more flexibly and quickly. This makes meetings more efficient and increases participation.

How does it work?

The wireless presentation system (Stream S2 Pro) consists of an HDMI transmitter and an HDMI receiver. You plug the HDMI transmitter into your laptop and the HDMI receiver into the display or projector on which you want to give your presentation. Within seconds, you can share a presentation or other content on your laptop wirelessly with your colleagues.

The great thing about this system is that several laptops can be connected to it. For each additional laptop, you need an additional HDMI transmitter (Stream T2 Pro, sold separately). This way, up to 20 colleagues can actively participate in a meeting.

Switching between connected laptops is as easy as pressing a button on the HDMI transmitter.

USB-C port

Do you have a device with just a USB-C port (such as a MacBook or Chromebook)? The Stream S2 Pro set also comes with a USB-C adapter. This makes it suitable for use with almost any device. Even if it does not have an HDMI port.


The modern and compact design of this wireless presentation system allows you to easily take it with you in your laptop bag.


The range of the Stream S2 Pro is 20 metres. This set is therefore suitable for use in various conference rooms, from small to large.

No app, software or WiFi connection required

The Stream S2 Pro is a standalone device. This means that no WiFi connection, app or software is required to enable wireless presentations. In addition, no technical knowledge is required to use this set. It's plug and play!

No additional cables required

Everything you need for wireless presentations is available in this set. No additional cables need to be purchased. The HDMI transmitter is powered via the HDMI output on the laptop (or via USB-C), while the HDMI receiver is powered via USB from the display or projector.

AirPlay & Miracast

The Stream S2 Pro also supports AirPlay and Miracast. This makes it possible to stream content wirelessly to the display from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Easy if you have a presentation on your iPad/MacBook, want to share photos or videos from your smartphone/tablet or demonstrate certain apps.


  • Wireless presentation system for conference rooms.
  • No cables required.
  • Connects to up to 20 laptops (via Stream T2 wireless HDMI transmitter, sold separately).
  • Suitable for all devices with an HDMI or USB-C connection.
  • No app, software or WiFi connection required.
  • Supports screen mirroring via AirPlay and Miracast.
  • Plug & Play.

Sharing presentations wirelessly is possible for only € 349.95 and an additional HDMI transmitter is available for € 169.95. Invest in the Stream S2 Pro today!

System for self-employed professionals

Are you a self-employed professional, are you often on the road and do you often give presentations to customers? Then ‘the wireless HDMI cable’ is for you. The Stream S1 Pro is a simpler version without support for additional HDMI transmitters, AirPlay and Miracast. Easily connect your laptop wirelessly, without hassle and extra cables, to a screen at any location.

The Stream S1 Pro is available for € 299.95.

S2 Stream Wireless Pro
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